Some new projects on their way and hopefully a future!

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Well I Figured the Blog was the best place to post this information for the time being until I actually have my hands dirty and something to show.........

Ruby is going full blow Rally car. The goal is to have her ready by this time next year to sign up for Pikes Peak IHC. This will be a ground up build as a dedicated test bed/competition beast.

I have started a company with my Sister and Brother in law. Our goal is going to be to get Ruby Rally Prepped, Get my Ranger Fully Pre runnered and run in Whilplash, I sold him my White Legacy and she is getting fully off roaded with a lift.

We plan on starting off with several items for the 3 legacy wagons we have on the road/off the road and expanding from their.

First project on the table, building Tubular Front and rear cross members and Handlebar mount. My setups will be for stock WRX Geometry or Lowered. We are going make the LIFT for his.

Second project will be custom roof baskets. I think several depths will be made as I want a LOW profile unit on my street car, and the Off road beast will get a LARGE basket for those trips to the lake or out camping. They will integrate options for light mounts, CB ant mounts, and whatever other stuff people decide they want.

Skid plates/diff protection is on the list. And atleast 3 types of bumpers.

Looking at buying some DOM/Chromoly this coming week and getting to fabbing stuff. I am going to be doing a lot of research on what rear ends people are running in their RWD wrx's and such, and I plan on making it where we can bolt in an r200 and make it good for some sideways schinanigans.

I cant believe how many rule books I have downloaded over the last 3 days and we are building a BETTER then FIA spec cage as PP so far had the most requirements cage wise. I want to make sure that our car is good to compete in any event.

It looks like I am going to be on the look out for some phase 2 DOHC turbo heads and ECU in the future so we can tune via obd port. I also think we are going to make a quick change setup where we can run both light and heavy classes with the ability to pull the turbo off and run N/A where needed, with nothing more then changing some exhaust, capping oil feeds, and changing the tune.

I also think that my Currnet car will pull double duty as an auto cross car to get back to being sharp on asphalt.

The next 6 months should be one heck of a ride.

Feel free to message me if anyone has Ideas for something they would like built or a modification to an existing product to suit your individual needs.
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