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Thread: I want a little more power

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    I want a little more power

    Hi all.

    I have an EJ22E and was wondering if there was anything I could do for less than a small fortune to up the HP output. Not really looking to force induction, as that is a ROYAL PITA on an NA. Just maybe upgrading parts here and there to get a few more HP. I already need/want a new exhaust system (2-inch pipe w/UEL and mild muffler)

    Any and all advice is much appreciated!
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    Here's a start.

    And the standard disclaimer- There's not a whole lot you can do with the 2.2 without getting to the point where a turbo would cost the same and give more power. Personally, I'd be interested if you get some gains and how much with NA mods.
    From what I've read, stock 2.2s dyno somewhere around 85 to 95 HP. You might get 110 HP with enough mods.
    Equal length headers are better for HP. Most use UEL for the Subie rumble, not power.
    You're intake is what I swapped into my '97 EJ22 (seems to have upped the HP) so I don't think there's much to gain by a CAI. Could be wrong. will regrind your camshafts inexpensively for a few HP but you'll have to remove, ship them and reinstall.
    Of course there's the Frankenmotor using your 2.2 heads on a 2.5 block but reliability might be an issue. I'd be interested if anyone here has a long term success story with the Frankenmotor.
    Allucard here on the forum knows his way around EJ22s. He's very helpful.

    Good luck!
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