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  1. DIY: 95-99 Outback rear swaybar
  2. Homemade Grille Part II (Pics + How-To)
  3. Power sunroofs problems
  4. Carbon Fiber Molding
  5. Custom subaru badge
  6. Wiring through your firewall (AMP wiring)
  7. A/C discharge hose clogged? Here is the way you fix it.
  8. Mark's Door Card Mod
  9. installing SS clutch line
  10. Tweeter Installation
  11. (DIY) Custom Intake BE/BH
  12. (How-To)Installing lightened crank pulley
  13. Steering Rack Bushings Install
  14. DIY: VHT Niteshades
  15. DIY: Custom JDM Grill
  16. DIY: Interior Lighting Part 1 (Gauge Cluster)
  17. DIY: Replace CV axles
  18. DIY cargo net
  19. DIY FORUM--- This forum is NOT for questions!!!
  20. DIY cargo basket
  21. Installing the "Ebay Intake"
  22. DIY: XM Satallite Radio Antenna Install (no drilling)
  23. DIY - Head unit install
  24. DIY: replacing corner windows
  25. DIY: Interior bulb replacement
  26. Parts for BD/BG Legacy Timing Belt & Coolant Change
  27. DIY BD Grill, for earlier models
  28. HID TSX projector retrofit
  29. DIY: JDM foglight install
  30. BE/BH- HR Springs and KYB GR2 struts replacement
  31. DIY: Homedepot lip
  32. 00-04 Legacy Headlight Wiring *PICS NOW*
  33. How to replace steering pump the QUICK WAY!
  34. DIY: BD/BG clear corners
  35. DIY: BE/BH Clear corners
  36. DIY: Brighton Tach
  37. Cleaning Yellow Hazy Cloudy Headlight / Headlights
  38. DIY: Custom fiberglass sub woofer box in a BD
  39. Sub-woofer on/off switch!
  40. Paint improvement tips
  41. DIY: HID Conversion (BE/BH demo)
  42. DIY: Install dual power outlet (56k, take a nap)
  43. DIY: BE/BH rear sway bar.
  44. DIY: changing the rear diff fluid
  45. MSD Conversion (Update: wiring picture added 11/4/07)
  46. 00-04 Legacy L and GT Daytime Running Lights Delete
  47. Engine whine through speakers fix
  48. DIY: Grounding Mod
  49. DIY: Installing JDM sidemarker turn signals
  50. DIY - 1 Person Brake Bleeding
  51. DIY: Plasti-dip interior panels
  52. When the Outback highbeams just don't cut it anymore....
  53. Front Swaybar Guide
  54. Fumoto Valves - Easier Oil changes
  55. JDM Projector Install
  56. all red tails, not complete
  57. Ford 3G Alternator TIG welder
  58. DIY: De-tinting Windows
  59. The $50 paint job (for your entire car)
  60. BD/BG JDM Projector Retrofit + HID
  61. DIY Replace Driveaxle CV Joint
  62. DIY Carpet install ('04-'05 STi to BD Legacy)
  63. BC Racing Coilover Install
  64. BE/BH Headlight DIY (clear corner, high beam, fog light)
  65. DYI: Yellow Stock Fogs (done with GT Fogs)
  66. JDM Momo wheel install
  67. DIY : Alternator replacement / Installation!
  68. How to paint your car or parts.....
  69. starter rebuild (contacts)
  70. Neon Coil Pack conversion
  71. DIY: Clutchless Start
  72. DIY DRL lights!
  73. DIY- Blue Angel eye rings 96 GTB BUG EYE- NZ
  74. DIY DeBadgeing 101
  75. removing decals
  76. how to make your jdm headlight have yellow hibeam
  77. DIY: B&M Short Throw Shifter install (All 5MT subarus!!)
  78. Twin to single turbo conversion, tips tricks and how-to's
  79. Yellow lighting (fog lights, headlights, etc...)
  80. DIY: Impreza RS 97-00' Rear Seat swap into a BD
  81. DIY: BL/BP Bumper Takeoff/Hdlight Clearing/Silencer Removal
  82. installed MSD ignition in my 99 legacy GT auto.
  83. JDM air splitter prep and install
  84. DIY: change the colors of your dash buttons!
  85. DIY: Changing Engine, Transmission, and Rear Diff Oil
  86. DIY Shortshifter for $5
  87. DIY: SS Brake hoses on a BE/BH
  88. Rotor Swap
  89. DIY (maybe) - Cruise control default to "ON"
  90. DIY: Installing MSD Coil 8239 MY96 2.5GT
  91. *Custom LED Angel Eye Headlights*
  92. DIY Custom Intake (Hybrid CAI)
  93. Home Depot rally mud flaps
  94. DIY: Pulling codes without a scanner
  95. Easy DIY: Carbon Fiber Gauge Faces
  96. Can't afford an exhaust but still want a great sound?????
  97. DIY Alternator replacement
  98. Installing T-sport sequental shift light
  99. installing wrx scoop on L hood. UPDATE 1/21/09
  100. Rolling/Flaring your fenders for an aggressive fitment!!
  101. DIY: Aftermarket Tow Hooks install (BD)
  102. WRX dead pedal
  103. steamy hot grill on grill action. GT/L grill merge.
  104. Nifty Home Depot Camera Mount
  105. DIY: Radiator Shroud (BD)
  106. DIY Valve Cover Gasket
  107. Autodim mirrow with compass install...
  108. DIY: Timing Belt and Waterpump (1999 BD - DOHC)
  109. BH cornr brk light-OEM to LED conversion-lots of photos
  110. DIY: Fog Lights on w/ High Beams
  111. DIY: Retrieving Trouble Codes without an obd-reader
  112. DIY Push Button Start (no keys required!)
  113. DIY: LED's for BE/BH dash / interior !!!!!!!!
  114. DIY: Aux input to OEM radio/CD
  115. DIY: Momo Steering Wheel Install (BD)
  116. Front Diff/Gear Check DIY
  117. Restore that battery tie down
  118. A great DIY center diff lock switch write up
  119. DIY: STi fuel pump install
  120. DIY: CEL P0420 Fix
  121. DIY: GT Wagon Spoiler Install
  122. i notticed or i havent been looking hard enough
  123. BE/BH Lateral links...
  124. DIY: STI rear diffuser onto a BE Legacy
  125. DIY: SAFC II install.
  126. Installing JDM Side mirrors on USDM legacy (BG/BD)
  127. Tinting rear Tail Lights for $14 bucks
  128. DIY cam seals? HALP asap!
  129. DIY: Intercooler Water Sprayer
  130. ebay catch can install
  131. Rear Subframe Lock Bolt Specifications for DIY'ers
  132. DIY: Custom shortshifter
  133. BK/BG hatch center lense amber delete/cover up
  134. Replacing Wheel Bearing - 1994 Subaru Legacy 2WD Wagon
  135. JDM engine install
  136. How to polish your PLASTIC headlights
  137. Grounding kit
  138. K&N Typhoon Intake Install - 05+ Legacy GT
  139. Yakima or Thule Fairings to expensive? Well...
  140. DIY: Installing heated mirrors on a subaru legacy!!
  141. DIY: Neutral safety switch disable(5 speeds trans)
  142. DIY- BD Sedan Rear Strut Bar Install
  143. Carbon Fiber spare tire cover
  144. keltik's 2002 Legacy GT30 Project thread
  145. DIY: 4EAT phase 1 power mode wiring
  146. DIY: Restoring your Exterior Vinyl Trim
  147. DIY: WRX center console swap/install
  148. Remote central locking
  149. DIY Body Skirt Painting (1st year update)
  150. custom GT grille DIY
  151. HELP blacked out tail lights for 1998 Subaru Legacy Sedan??
  152. DIY Stubby Antenna
  153. Painting the DASH... (UPDATED with final pictures)
  154. BK quad HID retro with 2010 RX 350 and Morimoto mini
  155. DIY EGR Tube Extension - Brazing
  156. DIY: Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC)
  157. DIY JDM Tail Lights Install
  158. D.I.Y Gimmick motorsports hood damper install
  159. DIY: Clutch Pedal Adjustment (shorter throw)
  160. DIY: Wagon Rear Wiper Upgrade
  161. household electrical outlet
  162. DIY timing belt video- work in progress
  163. DIY Engine Cover
  164. DIY Fiberglass "Rally Light Pod"
  165. DIY Mesh Grill
  166. DIY air intake heat shield
  167. 1995 legacy L fuel pump replacement
  168. BE/BH window switch fix!!!
  169. DIY: Brighton Tach & Stainless Steel Bezel Install (BD/BK)
  170. DIY BD USDM foglight mod
  171. headlight aiming
  172. DIY "bolt on" Lightbar
  173. D.I.Y. Carbon Scoop (Vinyl Install)
  174. Brand New looking engine?
  175. LED gauge cluster conversion.
  176. DIY JDM foglight "turn assist" circuit.
  177. Clear Tails?
  178. DIY: Dying your carpet!
  179. DIY Head Light Painting.
  180. DIY Window De-Tint.
  181. DIY Radar Detector install
  182. DIY: Installing 2007 STI Stereo and Aux Out port in BD
  183. DIY Random parts painting
  184. DIY: Turbo the EJ25D
  185. Transmission output shaft plug! Cheap and easy!
  186. DIY: Repainting your OEM rims
  187. D.I.Y Sedan trunk release lever.
  188. DIY short throw shifter
  189. DIY: UEL Single Port Header
  190. DIY 2nd Gen LGT Gauge Cluster Swap. Taking Orders!
  191. aftermarket fogs to factory switch
  192. How to clean your injectors
  193. Rear Differential Bushings Write-Up w/Part Number :)
  194. Improving the instrument panel GC/GF/BG/BD/ or other suba
  195. $2 eyelids(BD/BG)
  196. DIY trans-mount bushings
  197. handle-free, solenoid trunk release DIY
  198. DIY: Fix your gas leak! Fuel Filler Neck replacement ALL MY
  199. DIY Tow Hook
  200. DIY: Infiniti I30 auto dimming mirror install
  201. Knock sensor replacement
  202. DIY: bd/bk/bg fender brace (revised)
  203. 02 Legacy GT Projector Retrofit **EDIT - Details Added**
  204. Alpine In-Line amp + Infinity Rears + JL w6 preview
  205. DIY: Rear Legacy Center Lamp 3rd Brake LED Install
  206. DIY: Carbon Fiber Trunk lid
  207. DIY: installing generic Truck-style mudflaps - BG/BK/BD
  208. Stuck rear wiper fix
  209. Retrofitting OEM one piece headlights
  210. DIY: Installing Heated Seats in a 2nd Gen from Junkyard Parts
  211. DIY: Door Card Fabric Wrap
  212. DIY Forum threads of note.
  213. DIY: Heater core replacement in BD/BG/BK
  214. DIY: Metalcast your lights.
  215. How to kill a car! (part out and cut up)
  216. DIY BD rear speaker grill (pretty much all sedan subie)
  217. DIY: Coil bags - protect your coilover suspension
  218. Installing JDM/EDM Mud guards!
  219. Headliner removal and sunroof replacement for 00-04 BH Wagon
  220. Rear struts and springs in a 95-99 BD Legacy Sedan
  221. Custom Carbon Fiber Lisence Plate thingamabob!
  222. Shine up that ugly paint!
  223. DIY Wagon cargo tray/lid install for your BD
  224. Front hub replacement
  225. How to make your Hazzard light button red BD/BK/BG 95-99
  226. BABIKER712’s DIY: Heated LED turn signal mirror
  227. Powder Coating-From Prep to Final Finish. Picture Heavy
  228. DIY: Seat Stitching repair
  229. DIY: 06/07 WRX Scoop Install
  230. DIY: Emblem Color Change
  231. 05+ LGT Engine Cover install on 1999 Wagon with 2.5L Engine.
  232. Building a Subaru Model Car! 12-14-12 FINISHED!!!
  233. DIY: Factory Keyless Entry + Alarm install in BD/BG.
  234. JDM headlight install on a USDM BK - youtube video
  235. DIY: Independent Fog Lights
  236. DIY: The Honda Mugen Lip
  237. DIY: Plastidipping Legacy Wagon
  238. DIY - Headlight restoration and coating
  239. DIY: OEM Headunit With Aftermarket Amp/Sub
  240. Eric The Car Guy video- front axle change on 97 Legacy.
  241. BE/BH HID Conversion
  242. DIY - Headlight Restoration: "How To"
  243. DIY Crank Pulley Removal Tool
  244. DIY: Rally Light Pod
  245. Grounding Mod FTW! (Inexpensively too)
  246. DIY Jdm Power Folding Mirrors BD/BG/BK (base/mirror swap)
  247. Has anyone painted their exterior trim themselves?
  248. DIY P0420 fix
  249. DIY: BP/BL Rearview Mirrors on BE/BH/BT chassis
  250. DIY: Clutch Damper Delete (free n' easy)