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  1. Technical Abbreviations Glossary
  2. Internet Forum Terms/Acronyms
  3. A very informative article on the Legacy
  4. Auto alphabet Soup
  5. Subaru Chassis Codes Breakdown
  6. Subaru Engine Codes
  7. Posting and You
  8. The subaru star symbol explained.
  9. Chassis Info
  10. Legacy production numbers.
  11. Subaru Legacy wikipedia
  12. What do these terms mean anyway?
  13. Japan specification Legacy listing
  14. A few links to start you off!
  15. BE/BH Japanese Front End FAQ
  16. Posting Images on SLi
  17. New to the Forum? Look here (FAQs)
  18. Applied Model Decoding and Chassis Codes Explained
  19. Subaru Destination Codes