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03-27-2011, 01:05 PM
This is My daily driver:


She is an 02 TS that has some (Minor) modification.
2.0L WRX swap(MY02)
Bren Tuned
Legacy GT drivetrain MY02 W/4.11 FD and LSD rear
Aftermarket 15" rims
Blitz Dual SBC boost controller
PLX air fuel ratio gauge w/aux O2 sensor
WRX rear subframe, control arms and disc knuckles
Turbo XS RFL BOV converted to function as BPV
Silicone turbo inlet
WRX front control arms
BC BR series Coilover suspension
WRX front Seats
Catless up pipe
Widemouth catless downpipe
Subaru Legacy GT transmission and rear differential
6 puck stage 2 clutch
Kartboy rear diff outrigger bushings
eBay front strut bar (customized to fit)
STI control arm bushings (Thanks Seraphinwolf)
Grimmspeed boost control solenoid
Walbro 255
A/C Delete
Diod Voltage Mod

Parts Yet to be installed, but in my possession:
Sedan Front Sway Bar
Rear strut Brace

Soon to Buy:
Goodridge SS brake lines
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Energy shifter bushing

Plans for spring 2011:
-ABS Delete
-Flip intercooler upside down and relocate under the upper radiator crossmember
-Reverse Mount Intake Manifold
-Clock Turbo 180 degrees
-Complete custom FMIC piping (less than half the current volume)
-Completely custom CNCed fuel rails
-Completely custom Fuel lines
-TGV Delete
-Gimmick Radiator

Recent Work
-New front right wheel bearing
-alignment (-1.5 camber all around, slight negative toe in the rear -.14 total.)
-Re-Routed coolant to better mimic stock WRX flow.
-New rear diff, as the one that was in it was put together improperly and exploded.
-Mobil 1 10W30 and filter 3/10/2011
-Mobil 1 Gear oil in the rear diff
-Boost leak check

All work done mostly By me and My cousin (Not on this forum)

More Pics, all of which were taken by Squarebush (SeriousSubaru on here)

03-28-2011, 01:32 PM
Thats a large list of goodies.. sorry to see your legacy go.