View Full Version : newbie here with 98 subaru GT

05-22-2005, 08:06 PM
hey guys, im the new guy on this site. my name is steve, im 20, and i own a 98 Subaru Legacy GT. basically the car is stock but im thinkin of adding some stuff to it. in the next couple weeks im putting in a new system, 2 12" Audiobahn subs, sub box, 1600 watt amplifier, and an alpine head unit. im also thinking of tinting the windows, and maybe get some new rims.
also im thinkin of getting blue foglights to replace the white ones i have, but i dont know which ones r the best. if anyone can help me let me know.

05-22-2005, 11:29 PM
Hey, welcome to the site! Where in CT are you from? We should have a CT members mini-meet sometime, or you should try to come to the SLI 2nd annual New England meet in RI this summer.

As far as suggestions, you seem to be on the right path with the system...I'd say look into Eclipse headunits before going with alpine, you could buy the most basic (and cheapest) eclipse unit and get better sound than some of Alpines better units. Make sure you get a better battery, either an Optima Red top or Yellow top seeing the power you are going to be pushing. As far as the foglights go, do whatever you want, but blue bulbs are not the way to go. They give no lighting benefits and produce more glare which can be dangerous to other drivers. Check out www.danielsternlighting.com (http://www.danielsternlighting.com) under the tech link and then bulb link to read some articles and learn a little about the negatives of blue bulbs (all the eurolites, piaa's, etc), if you really want to go blue there is an article on "good/acceptable blue bulbs" which will help you out, if that is the look you really want to go for. Might as well get the better/safer bulbs if that is really what you want. Especially in some areas of CT where the roads are good and windy, deer are everywhere, and most roads are unlit, you really want the best lighting you can to keep that sick Legacy in tact (I have a 98 GT too!). If you have any other questions on mods PM me, I'm in the same boat as you, so I can probably help you out a bit if you'd like.