View Full Version : Making some progress with the EJ25

04-25-2006, 10:09 PM
So I have been letting my motor rebuild slide for way too long. Last weekend I got started again and made some progress putting everything together.

In a few hours after getting all the yard work done I changed the rear main seal and oil seperator plate, installed the new flywheel and clutch. Installed the new waterpump and STI engine mounts too. Added an oil filter and oil pan. I stopped there with the short block almost all buttoned up. The STI engine mounts are a good bit larger then stock, I'll see shortly if they are any more difficult to install in the subframe. Still need to get into the front main seal, I just didn't feel like starting it after I got the waterpump in, it was getting late.

I need to get the head torque specs and am waiting on the machine shop before I get some more done. With any luck I will have the GT rolling very soon, it has looked so sad with no engine.

05-12-2006, 08:43 PM
STi engine mounts are no more difficult to install than OEM.

What are your plans with the motor? If you owned a SHO, I hope you have a fondness for high redlines and near perfect powerbands, and I hope that you are shooting for that with your subaru.

Oh, and why put the oil filter on now? Take it off and tape up the opening in the block. Install the filter when you fill her up with oil.

Don't forget cam seals and stuff. Oh, and get a block heater!!!