View Full Version : Benfolio's '97 C1500 Silverado

08-01-2012, 11:20 PM
Just realized I never shared what replaced my Legacy....

I was getting the itch to get something different, and for the heck of it I threw my car up on CL, cash or trade. Got a couple trade offers, none serious, then a cash offer I couldn't refuse. Mostly because I has just seen this posted a few days prior:


So I took the offer on my car, called the guy with the truck, and two days later it was mine.
I always wanted a fullsize, and when I was younger I was into the truckin' scene, even had a '98 Hombre that I did some stuff to.

I pulled all the accessory crap off, and the mouldings, change the wheels, and it came out like this:


But it wasn't going to last long. Just this past Saturday, I did this to it:


Complete 4/6 drop courtesy of DJM. 2" springs, 2" spindles in front, and an axle flip kit in the rear. Had to notch the frame, which was a first for me, but it went pretty smooth. Had to get different shocks for the rear as it was bottoming out and too bouncy, put those on tonight. Still need to get some decent pics of it. :smt030

08-03-2012, 11:26 PM
Id love to have an extd cab truck to play around with in the mud and to haul stuff with. Sad to see a legacy go but atleast you are still part of the site!!