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08-20-2012, 01:55 PM
2000 Impreza Outback Sport

EJ251 Swap
Borla UEL
Stock mid/cats
Apexi N1 axle back
Depo amber corners
RS Side skirts
WRX Wagon Struts
Skunk2 Front Springs
RS Coupe rear springs
Ver4 Front Bumper (not installed)

That's her in the background.

To Do:
Order v4 turn signals
Order RS Fogs/wiring
Install v4 bumper
Order Racelands
Install new DS rear door
Fix Dent in DS front door
Refinish BMW wheels
BMW Wheels re-drilled and tires replaced.
Plasti-Dip (Deciding on color still. Gunmetal Silver, Red, Black, Camo Green)

08-20-2012, 02:10 PM
Here she is the first day

All nestled in to my carport

All torn down and ready to be pulled :D

D-Day. Steady now!

And after fighting to separate the trans from the motor, we have extraction!

A friend who was helping said I HAD to take a picture of myself in the empty bay... Here's me not being sure how to pose haha

Then it was time to get the heads off and finally see whats going on... but it was not a joyous occasion looks like we have some ring failure! Oh noes!

A new heart for a noble steed! A SOHC EJ25 from an 01 Forester :D

08-20-2012, 03:10 PM
Looks nice! Reminds me of my old GF (that's Impreza wagon, folks).

08-20-2012, 04:06 PM
Thanks! Aside from the scuffs in the front and some dents on the DS F&R door the body is in great shape.

08-20-2012, 06:23 PM
I've always thought the RS front bumper looks on the GF. Looks like you're making some good progress.

08-20-2012, 06:31 PM
Looks nice! Reminds me of my old GF (that's Impreza wagon, folks).


Ive really grown to like the subtle look of these OBS. Saw a very nice stanced one a week or two ago and it was killer looking.

Nice work so far!!!

08-29-2012, 04:18 PM
Motor is in! Today is D-Day! Got my header welded and I'm ready to go. As soon as everything is hooked up I'll be starting her up for the first time. :D

08-29-2012, 07:14 PM
Very good to hear. Hopefully it is a smooth start

08-30-2012, 01:22 AM
Sweet find! I'd kill to scoop a Scoob in that condition for $600! I too hope everything goes smooth for you!

08-30-2012, 01:34 AM
Thanks guys! Had a little hang up today with some vacuum stuff.

This isn't my bay, but it shows what I'm missing. Air Assist Solenoid.

The good news is none of it matters because my 2.2 ECU isn't going to be looking for it.

To do list as of today:
Re-hang exhaust
Replace missing fuel line
Install in radiator
Install air box/intake
Put hood back on

09-05-2012, 01:44 PM
Well the motor is in and running which is good. The bad news is it's throwing a few codes...
Idle Air Control Solenoid
- P1512 (signal 2 circuit low input)
- P1514 (signal 3 circuit low input)
- P1516 (signal 4 circuit low input)

P1111 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor High Input

I swapped out the IACV with one from a working vehicle. With the old valve the idle was rough, but stable. When I put the new one in the idle surged up and down terribly so I removed it and put the old one in and I'm back to where I was. As for the Atmospheric Sensor, well I don't have one. On some vehicles it was on the passenger side strut tower, in later vehicles it was actually on the ECM. I'm assuming the Forester's was in the ECM since I don't have a plug for one on my engine harness.

On top of all this junk I went and pulled codes again today and now I'm getting P1116 Engine Torque control cut signal-voltage low, and another Automatic transmission code who's number I can't remember now... The ECU is from a 5-Speed RS so I can't fathom where that's coming from.

I'm pretty lost right now as to what to do.

09-05-2012, 05:52 PM
Talked to a guy over at USMB and we decided I should go ahead and get the Forester ECU. Picked one up on eBay for $45 shipped so lets all cross our fingers!

Got bored today so I put in my RS cluster.

09-10-2012, 02:41 PM
looking good man! Had to stop in and see how it was going with my old wagon, but I see you moved onto an obs. Nice score for $700!

09-10-2012, 03:59 PM
Thanks! Been fun so far. Can't wait to get it on the road so I can start having some fun (insert evil laugh).

09-16-2012, 10:26 PM
Got her running much better now. Swapped the ECU out for one from an 01 Forester and all is well. I'm still getting an IACV code but oh well. Also got some new goodies.

Apexi N1 Axle Back
Borla (Legit) UEL Headers
Amber Corners


Which is on it's way :D

Gunna go out tomorrow and take a video and some new pictures.

09-16-2012, 10:59 PM
That bumper is pretty sweet looking!!

09-17-2012, 04:07 PM

Got some free time today so I went out and put on my RS side skirts :grin:


And here's a quit video of the exhaust. The Apexi N1 is kind of rhaspy due to it's age, but for $15 I can live with it.

https://sl-i.net/FORUM/images/imported/2012/09/th_VID_20120917_151444-2.jpg (http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/stangpics01/?action=view&current=VID_20120917_151444.mp4)

10-01-2012, 05:46 PM
Haven't updated in a while! Between working on my own car, and helping some fellow locals I've been slammed busy! Car is running good, with the exception of an IACV code... but I can live with that. Pulled the motor again last week (in 2 hours by myself!) and did the clutch. Had a bitch of a time getting it lined up again... :evil:

Put the suspension from my old Leggy on the OBS and found out you need Legacy SS rear top hats otherwise you end up about 2" up over stock :smt021

I switched the rears to RS coupe springs which brought it down a little lower then stock but I still need to figure something else out. I'm either going to bite the bullet and buy Racelands or just get some cheap lowering springs to tide me over until I can save up a bit more.

In my religious craigslist searching I found a few sets of wheels! First I found some WRX wheels with badish tires for $200. Not a screaming deal, but they're pretty hard to find around these parts and I figured I may not have the chance again.

And then I came up on a SMOKING deal for some used 15x7 ET 20 5 Series BMW basket weaves with the center caps for $74! (Yup, it was $75 but I left a dollar at home!)

Now you're saying, "Hey, those aren't 5x100 right?". Correct. These wheels happen to have 5 smaller holes around the lugs which are perfect for a re-drill.

Here's a Legacy GT with the same style (His are 16x8) re-drilled and if you look close enough you can see where the 5x100 pattern is.

10-25-2012, 08:28 PM
Those look really good, what color are you going to paint them?

10-25-2012, 08:44 PM
Not sure yet, I may not even use them. The low offset is going to be tricky to fit in my stock fenders without a good bit of camber, and coils.