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10-02-2012, 12:57 PM
This car is a mess, and so this thread shall be too. I bought it in 2008 with basically no knowledge of the car. Apparently I'm the 11th owner of the car, and it shows.

Slight photo history, then deets:

















1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo T-bar
Bought in 2008, 147k on clock, 160k now
Replaced worn out clutch with Clutchmasters Stage IV 6 puck unsprung clutch last summer
Spec lightweight flywheel (friction surface replaced with clutch)
Custom anodized roller clevis with bearing mounted in clutch pedal
Brass shifter cable inserts
93+ shifter with TRD shift knob
unknown catless downpipe to stock mufflers (looks stock, great for cops)
Twosrus mbc set at 15psi
Custom stainless oil catch can
Fixed dozens of wiring demons including dome lights, head unit, speakers, etc
Drilled/slotted rotors all around, Porterfield H4S pads in front
15x7 f/r +35 BBS RS rims with 205/50 f and 225/50 r Kumho AST tires
custom LED upgrade to instrument panel with Prosport water temp and Omori boost gauges in stock locations
Lowered on RS*R race springs (really dumped it, but didn't stance it)
Pioneer head unit with aux/usb and 5.25" Pioneer speakers in the doors
Cracked Tom's rear bumper replaced with factory
Tom's sideskirts
Factory 91 3-piece spoiler added to trunk (re-added?)
Factory 91 front lip re-added

As you can see, the most significant change to the car has been the body work. It's a combination of a shop which was owned by a friend and myself. My friends' shop replaced the bumper and spoiler, filled in holes, fixed some rust, pulled huge dents out of the LR 1/4 panel, reglassed the side skirts, properly shaved the "shaved" side moldings in the rear, uncovered the shaved side moldings for the rear bumper screws and then painted it flat black dp90 primer. That was the back half of the car. After he got busy and subsequently closed, I took it upon myself to do more. There's tons more pics but basically I kept up the rear paint with periodic spray bombs and then sanded the front of the car including the hood, fenders, bumper, doors and re-added a factory 91 lip. The side moldings were "shaved" terribly; basically they pulled them out and then filled in the channels with 1/4" of Bondo. I can't imagine why it rusted and cracked.

I by no means am a body guy or have a lot of money, so this has taken time and lots of trial and more error. While welding in new steel into the channels, I warped the door panels. I found new front side markers which were half sanded and then bondo'd over and replaced them with new ones. This winter I hope to do more work in re-sanding the doors again and fixing my warps with a coworker of mine who has been a body shop worker for 20 years. We're going to fix this right. For now, the rest of the car has a temporary spray bomb of flat black.

As for the motor, I might have a Celica st185 crank in it, something I found out when I tried to put a stock 3S flywheel on when we did the clutch last summer :smt014: At 15psi on the new clutch on r-comps, I ran a 13.9 at 98mph at the local 1/4 mile track. On street tires I think I was down to about 14.1-2, something like that. This is an improvement from 14.9 @ 90mph I ran the year before at 10psi on the stock clutch.

I love this car, the wife is always trying to get me to sell it, but I keep dumping money into it. Sometimes not so much, sometimes a bit at a time. Eventually I'm going to have it to where I want it, just to say I did it to all the people that said I couldn't.

Future plans have always included paint, finish suspension (need koni struts, end links, other minor things) and hopefully an exhaust and tune on megasquirt. I wanna see this car hit in the 12's. I think with the clutch adjustment fixed (clevis), it's good for around 13.5-6

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Cool project!

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Awesome!! If I'm ever in Rochester I'll give you a shout!

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Eventually I'm going to have it to where I want it, just to say I did it to all the people that said I couldn't.
Strong motivation right there. It feels good when you do it.

Car looks much improved. That was a lot of work you already put in. Well done sir.

10-21-2012, 11:11 PM
Eventually I'm going to have it to where I want it, just to say I did it to all the people that said I couldn't.
Strong motivation right there. It feels good when you do it.

Car looks much improved. That was a lot of work you already put in. Well done sir.

Thank you!

Yeah, I wasn't happy to hear people say that before I even bought it. I've seen worse rats pulled out of barns and garages, only to come back to life. Some took a lot of money that I don't have right now and some didn't, but they all came together with determination. It is a good feeling, I don't want it to stop.

Car is kinda on hold now for the rest of the season. I need to get it over to my coworker's house so we can put some work in fixing the metal on the doors. For now, I have some wiring issues that I can take care of here. Seems some previously done wiring was pulled together a bit tight and finally rubbed apart. That and my boost gauge sensor seems to have shit the bed.