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05-21-2013, 12:10 AM
Hello to Everyone,

This is my first post on any forum. I bought my 97 Subaru Legacy L, after the unfortunate demise of my Dodge Stratus ES.


The Strat was a fun car it had a 2.5L v6 K&N Intake and Cherry bomb Exhaust, not too mention Royal purple the last 30000. The end came around 205000 miles, when the Transmission went. My search was for a cheap car, that would last me through winter.

(came in handy I might add)

This is when I found my current subi. It had 170000 miles 14" rims and an engine thats never seen a rag in its life, and dents(the only ones on the car are from previous owner).


Six months later and these are the results . Short ram intake, straight through muffler, royal purple oil, new transmission fluid (complete flush), 1993 Subaru legacy SS wheels, painted by me i think they came out pretty well for a first try, Brembo Rotors.




(Engine got spotty after the winter)


Hopefully more to come soon!!!! :grin:


My Daily driver has been faithful to me all of this time and I have been loyal to changing and maintaining my car when it is needed. Ive been keeping up with doing my oil every 3000-3500, I have switched from Royal Purple 5-30 to Royal Purple HPS 5-30. The engine feels happy. Also have changed the water pump and all of the pulleys and the belts about 10K ago. The car now has 226000.

As it turns out that my suspension has really lost its ability to do its job over the years. I have really only lately noticed how bad it really is. I have been planing and doing research for a while, and the best alternative I have found to coilovers was a post on one of the threads stating the the WRX suspension would fit my 97. I began scouring the interwebs to see what can be done on a really small budget. I live in NJ and craigslist is still a good source as to where to find parts. I sent a few emails and the best reply was from a Subaru Parts warehouse in PA. They were able to help me with finding some used struts springs and hats all assembled 4 for $100. They were rusty, but nothing some paint cant fix.

I started first by sanding the parts using a paint/rust stripping wheel. My main goal was to get rid of the major rust areas and prevent future ones from forming. Following I sprayed the struts with Rustolium black primer, 2 Coats and followed by 2 coats of red caliper paint. This sat out in the sun for a day before getting put in.


The Struts went in just as one would expect. There is a you tube vid on how to replace them on our car its by Mercedes Disel guy and you can find it by searching (1995 Subaru Legacy - Full DIY: rear strut replacement). Obviously I looked at several ones before using this as a reference. The only part which I did not follow was the pulling the brake line through the strut. I wasnt going to use these anyway so I cut the stupid brake hose brackets with metal snips, and puled back the remaining metal to slip the hose out of there with ease. The cutting was a b!!@# but sure as hell beats the brake breading.

After all of this I test drove the car and OOOMMMGGG!!!!! it feels soo good now. Nothing rubs!! ( I have 15 inch rims from a 93LSI) I am definitely looking into upgrading to 16 Inch from WRX. This was a one day project and it came together tonight at 12:30 am lol This is why this picture us so dark. I will take more in the morning to show the difference.

Next thing on the list is the transmission mount, wires, plugs on Wed.

Wire plugs and wires are in, NGK iridium IX and NGK wires. Went in no problem and the car feels like the torque has picked up. Trans mount was a little trickier so had to borrow my friends lift. The car feels good!!

Hope you guys like it, because I love driving it!!!

05-21-2013, 12:18 AM
Looks good!
Did you delete the snorkus, in the fender? If you get the straight thru intake from a 96 2.2l, you can delete that big ugly torque box and get a lil better throttle response! Sounds meaner too! I just did it on mine, details in my thread.

05-21-2013, 12:21 AM
No, haven't looked into it. I will check your thread.