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08-30-2014, 10:33 AM
I decided that after 7 years, it was time for my weekend toy, an '05 STi, to go, and get the turbo wagon I always wanted.

I sold the STi to a close friend with all the mods on it, and started with an '05 XT that I'm now the 4th owner on - 2nd owner popped the motor and turbo on the drive home due to a failed, ingested uppipe EGT sensor and started fresh at 61k with an STi shortblock and fresh heads, and an unknown 16g variant.

He also did some fender work, and since he owned a body shop, resprayed the whole car in factory CGM, but with a black roof. Kind of a serial project guy, he built a few Subarus and flipped them, buddy of mine bought this car, and the proverbial "let me know if you ever decide to get rid of that" turned into a new home for the 2005 4EAT FXT with 79k miles (same mileage as the outgoing STi) on the clock, a fresh motor, and a new turbo to replace the questionable 16g variant that was leaking after 15k miles.

Since then, I've been working on making the car my own inside and out, and bringing work done by previous owners up to snuff (it had lowering springs and AGX's, and Perrin swaybars that had predictable effects on portions of the rear subframe and lateral links when I took delivery (AKA it broke them) as well as a cheap eBay IC that took out an AC line shortly after I bought it. C'est la vie.)

AVO 380 (2871 variant with some headroom)
STi intercooler and splitter(05 STi fitment)
Walbro 255
Cobb catted downpipe, Stromung catback
Snail Performance remap

Pending install/tune:

Cobb 1000cc injectors
Prodrive CAI (CARB legal for '05 XT)
Topfeed rails
Topfeed TGV deletes.

Misc engine bay:
GS turbo heat shield
Beatrush alternator cover
Beatrush radiator plate

Eibach springs
KYB AGX struts
Perrin F&R swaybars and endlinks
Perrin Stout Mounts (r)
STi lateral links
Cusco rear subframe brace (and diffuser mount)
Cusco rear strut tower brace

Pending install:
KW Variant 3's (summer)
DMS camber plates (f)
Cusco camber plates (r)

Tein Gravel Specs (winter/lifted). Stock type springs, adjustable perches, external reservoirs with compression and rebound individually adjustable (like the KW's).
RCE Gymkhana springs (GC fitment)

06/07 WRX 4/2 pots
KNS brackets (r)
STi MC/single stage booster
Hawk pads
Goodridge stainless lines
ATE fluid

Pending install:
F/R STi Brembos in red.

'05 STi steering wheel/airbag
'05 STi front seats
'01 JDM WRX STi wagon rear seat (blue/black, matches fronts)
Dash nav pod with PSI3 and clock
JDM red hazard button
Dipped center dash/vents

'05 STi-style scoop (believe it's an MRT)
Black roof, black mirrors, black c-pillar sails

Pending install:
'06 STi rear underbody diffuser
OEM grill with mesh mod

Pioneer 4400BH doubledin - BT/iphone integration
Something upgraded in the door speakers - need to pull them out and see :biggrin:
Kicker 400w amp under load floor
Pioneer shallow-mount 10" behind rear seat
Hardwired V1 on mirror mount

Wheels/tires: Oh god. A few current sets.
Gram Lights 57DR, 18x9.5 et38
STI OEM Dunlops, 245/40/18

Rota DPT, 18x9.5 et45
Hankook RS3, 255/35/18

Advan RGII, 17x8.5 ET45
Bridgestone RE01R, 245/45/18

Yakima towers/cross bars
Painted yellow fogs
Rally Innovations lightbar
So much PIAA driving light. Gosh.

More stuff to come. Injectors and supporting mods are next up along with getting the coilovers on, letting me bump up from my current 14psi cap on stock injectors - i need this thing to be faster than my STi was.

I need to get my big camera out and get some detail shots, but this is how she sits at the moment.


Other BAM shots:



08-30-2014, 02:13 PM
Very nice
Silver, Black roof, Light bar... reminds me of my foz :)

09-11-2014, 08:29 PM
Very nice man! This is what I am looking for as a daily driver. I have the outback that I gonna be turned into my beast. Dd'ing a heavily modded car that runs on 93 isn't very practial for me.