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Soul Shinobi
11-13-2014, 09:07 PM
Okay, I'm literally keeping my build thread on this forum because RX7club.com makes NASIOC look like freakin' Mensa, and they lock editing of threads after a half hour so having a running mod list like this is useless there.

Recently picked up this car from a gentleman in RI, 150,000 miles or so, and I'm told the engine was rebuilt around 110,000 with a minor port job.



Mods and Upgrades:
Newest first

Engine and Performance:
-NGK spark plug wires
-started running premix (premixing oil in the gas helps these engines a TON)
-full Racing Beat exhaust, and racing cat (previous owner; forget cat brand)
-streetport (previous owner, around 110k miles)


Chassis, Suspension, and Handling:
-BBS wheels from convertible model (previous owner; need center caps)
-KYB AGX struts and shocks (previous owner)
-Racing Beat springs (previous owner)


-eBay LED brake lights
-premium LED reverse lights and center brake light (very bright!)
-factory rear spoiler (previous owner, rare)
-aluminum hood from a later model (previous owner)

-alarm system (previous owner)
-Pioneer stereo (previous owner; will upgrade later)

Future Mods and Upgrades (in the order I'm likely to do them):
-grounding kit
-throttlebody porting including cold start assist delete and extra throttle plate delete
-Momo shift knob
-upgrade stereo and speakers
-loads of chassis bracing
-steering rack bushings
-heaps of alignment parts
-upgrade swaybars and endlinks
-add coolant temp gauge
-LED lights almost everywhere


Repairs and Additions:
Newest first

Engine and Performance:
-replaced O2 sensor
-replaced fuel filter
-new NGK spark plugs (old leading plugs had almost no electrode left! Yes, two spark plugs per rotor, leading and trailing)
-stock airbox installed (black K&N cone filter with hole in it replaced)
-replaced all accessory belts
-engine rebuilt (previous owner, around 110k miles)

-replaced all fluids in gearbox and diff with Motul synthetic
-replaced shifter with stock (previously Corksport short shifter with RX-8 shift knob, way too notchy and it rattled)
-replaced shifter bushings, and oil
-Exedy clutch (previous owner, around 110k miles)

Chassis, Suspension, and Handling:


-replaced black aluminum hood with red aluminum hood
-replaced hood latch with one designed for the aluminum hood
-replaced missing plastic pieces below and on the left of the right side headlight

-replaced broken ashtray
-replaced and repaired incorrect wiper controls
-replaced temperamental light switch
-installed factory door cards (Turbo II ones traded out)
-replaced rubber pedal covers
-replaced hood release cable
-cleaned window switch contacts


Future Repairs:
To-Do List, in order of priority

Engine and Performance:
-replace fuel pressure damper (have; these leak, engine lights on fire, fun had for all)
-send fuel injectors to Witch Hunter Performance for cleaning and flow matching
-fix cruise control
-examine and simplify weird aftermarket wiring under hood

-replace shifter center return spring (have part)
-diagnose apparent driveline slack, improve if practical
-rebuilt LSD if needed

Chassis, Suspension, and Handling:
-replace power steering fluid
-diagnose intermittent power steering
-replace squeaky whatever is squeaky in the rear

-fluid flush needed


-clean passenger window switch contact
-replace small pedal rest stoppers
-repair rear window defrost lines 5, 8, 12, 13, and 18 (from bottom)
-replace broken air vents
-fully retrofit AC system

11-13-2014, 09:35 PM

Thats great! Nice car. My New neighbor has an FB and an FD.

Soul Shinobi
11-13-2014, 09:37 PM
If you could get tattoos of .gif files, I'd get that.

That is awesome. What I'd do for an FD... But for now, enjoying this FC. It handles incredibly well, hard to believe the FD is so much better.

11-13-2014, 10:40 PM
Very nice. I have always liked RX7s.

09-17-2015, 08:21 PM
You have any closer pics of it? Still have it?