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06-02-2005, 04:01 PM
New to the subaru world!

just bought a '91 4wd atx wagon.
please teach me the ways of a subaru as it is my first, and completly different from a toyota.

just looking for handling equipment and some horsepower right now, so send me to some parts.

06-03-2005, 01:19 PM
Welcome. I'm also near Tacoma, so it's good to have more WW people
here. :D

We've got a wealth of information here, as well as good suggestions, but we're still trying to piece this place back together again.

I know a fair bit about subaru suspension, but if you'd tell us a bit about what you're looking for in your ride, we'd be able to give better suggestions. Yours is an NA, right? (no turbo) I'm afraid there's not a whole helluva lot you can do to make gobs of power, but you can create a pretty fun daily driver, and of course, a good suspension will make your car pretty punchy, anyway.

PM if you'd like, I'd be more than happy meet up and give you a little run-down on the EJ22 (the engine in your legacy) since it sounds like you've got some engine experience to begin with..

06-05-2005, 10:24 AM
Welcome to SLi! It's always good to have another 1st gen legacy around.

06-06-2005, 11:16 PM
yeah its n/a...
how hard would it be to put a turbo on the ej22?
will it fit directly on the mainfold?
Im just looking to make this daily driver a little more fun, but if a turbo would just 'bolt-on' I might consider it.
If it doesn't, I'll pass.

06-07-2005, 01:38 AM
can you guys tell me the chasis codes. I see BE, BG, etc. but have no clue as to what year they are. Is there a different code in relation to the wagon and sedan?

06-07-2005, 08:36 AM
Check out this link, It may give you some idea what is what.


And welcome :D


06-07-2005, 09:28 AM
There's a thread about it on SLi also

06-07-2005, 08:20 PM
hey! another first gen owner! :-D welcome to sli 8)

06-07-2005, 11:49 PM
thanks for the threads guys!

06-07-2005, 11:52 PM
I have (2) gen1's and I have no clue what an ATX is....ESPLAIN!!

I have an L and an LS and soon to have a BD/BG but for now I have (2) BJ's.

Yes they feel good.

06-08-2005, 01:48 AM
ATX= automatic transmision
MTX= manual transmision

mine is a LS trim BJ

sorry about the confusion

06-08-2005, 03:34 PM
It's all good, brother. We just aren't used to different ways to say the same thing, that's all.

06-09-2005, 09:55 AM
Good thing I said something....

I'm a have to brings you to school.

Auto = 4EAT

Stick = 5MT
or 6MT (not in a gen1 unless you put it there)

Hope this helps...

(picture deleted to keep my friend happy)

06-09-2005, 10:10 AM
Thank God he got that picture off :angry4:

06-09-2005, 10:21 AM
Does that urk you Mark? Well.....does it???

06-10-2005, 01:54 AM
Damn 2deadlegs!

dont worry, puberty should hit anyday now... :D

...did your mom have to bribe the neighborhood kids to play with you, or did she just lock you in the basement...

06-11-2005, 12:42 AM
Wow! I should have left the picture up. Some nerve for a newbee...

I was just playing but if you want to be an arsehole then we can go there.

Not a good way to make a first impression.