View Full Version : transmission problems in BDs?

08-10-2006, 11:43 PM
so i just got to ride home with a tow truck driver becasue my tranny locked up and the car wont turn over at all, and just had the tranny worked on 3 months ago. i did however just find that it had a slow leak so i think that it ran out of fluid and locked up. but i was wondering if anyone knew of BD AT having problems.

08-11-2006, 09:06 AM
do a search on "torque bind"...

08-11-2006, 09:55 AM
sorry to hear about that. :(

keep us informed.

08-11-2006, 09:40 PM
would it be possible to put a 2.5 transmisson on a 2.2. i think they are set up for more torque is why i ask.

08-12-2006, 11:58 AM
so i still havent gotten to call the shop that did my transmission before. and i s till have had no luck with getting the car to turn over. i am sure that the computer thinks it is still in drive and that is why it wont start. i was thiking of adding transmission fluid but then agian that wont matter if i cant get he computer to stop being stupid. what if i reset the ecu though would that possibly get the computer to read its in park not drive?

08-12-2006, 12:32 PM
Its worth a shot, but no tranny fluid means you won't be getting anywhere.

08-12-2006, 01:12 PM
here's what i'd do to start.

1. check the dip stick to see how much AT fluid you have. top up if necessary.
2. reset the ECU

08-12-2006, 09:13 PM
When the car was drivable, did you knotice the AT Transmission light flashing a few times when you started the car? (The light would eventually go off after a few flashes)

08-12-2006, 10:21 PM
maybe one time. but the other night about maybe 4 days ago it cut off while i was driving twice, the light did blink then, and the light was blinking then went solid when it died on me. when it cut off while i was driving it would only happen when i came to a stop. so i put in ATF fluid and the leak i had noticed stopped but aparently that didnt help becuase of the situation i am in now.

08-12-2006, 10:30 PM
Were you ever able to run a diagnostic computer on the car? That would pretty much tell you everything that you need to know.

08-12-2006, 11:13 PM
would if i could.

08-13-2006, 11:29 PM
If you have power - ie. key turned to on, but don't fire the ignition, the OBDII port should be working. You should be able to check the car's memory for ECU codes.

Honestly though, I think your AT has seized up because of a mechanical fault, which has contributed to the ATF leaking (or because of the leak).

I think you're looking a full teardown. It's probably salvageable - or you can replace one from another car, just make sure it can match a 4.44 diff ratio.

08-14-2006, 05:14 PM
whats funny is that the whole transmisson just had that done 3 months ago. so it will be done for free because it has not even been 6 months. i did not pay 2200 for a new transmisson to go out agian. if it is in need of replacement agian i will have them put in a 5 speed and be done with it. thats what i wish i had done in the first place.

08-14-2006, 11:07 PM
You can't just swap in a 5spd. It's not that simple. There's the pedal box, cable or hydraulic clutch, the AT TCU, the ABS, the mounts.

08-15-2006, 01:09 AM
yea i know haha that was more or less a rant. if i had the money i would do that though.

08-16-2006, 07:40 PM
ok so i had the car towed to the shop. they checked it out, and my starter went bad, the tranny did have a leak. and the sudden shutting off thing is still unexplained. i am going to check the air filter, the MAF, the spark plugs, and other various things when i get it tomorrow to see if i cant find what would have cuased it to shut off like that. unless by fluke the starter somehow caused it, but i dont see how. plus the ran a diagnostic on it and the only code that came up what a well i forget what he said now but he cleared it. i think he said something about the cat.