View Full Version : Clutch 'Quill' Sleeve 5mt

08-23-2006, 04:35 PM
Hello all,

I've finally received my clutch sleeve after weeks of waiting. To the contrary, my Exedy OEM replacement clutch from autowarehouse.com arrived in 4 days (that includes a weekend) with the free shipping option.

Anyway, all the items seem to look great - high quality parts.

I'm a bit curious about the tolerances between the clutch sleeve and the provided release bearing. There is a hair of slop where I can wiggle the bearing a few degrees at most, and I do mean a few. Is this of concern? As I imagine it is possible for the release bearing to kink on the sleeve just as the release bearing in the car now is kinking on the worn out quil (though I imagine the soft metal quil is significantly worn). Has anyone else bothered to notice the fitment between release bearing and sleeve on their quill repair components?

I could have sworn I ordered a PDM sleeve from Tarmac's site but I received the TranQuil unit which appears identical in form and function.

and for the curious:

Cost on the two components is as follows:
Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch Kit: $241
Tranquil Quill Repar Kit: $135
Total Cost to Date: $376
Machine Shop/flywheel resurfaceing $40
Total Anticipated Cost: $420 (threw in another $15 for odds and ends)

Clucth Kit Includes: pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, pilot bearing, castle nut & cotter pin, and of course the alignment tool.

Tranquil Kit Includes: stainless steel quill sleeve, oversize release bearing, securing hardware and allen key, lithium grease and a sticker to place on strut tower indicating part # for release bearing

I'll be reusing as much of my transmission gear oil as possible since I just replaced it less than 1500 miles ago.

Shooting to swap it all in on the weekend of 9/16.