View Full Version : Steering Angles - Increasing them! (Drifters take notice)

09-05-2006, 03:49 PM
This may not apply to those who aren't RWD converted, as having front axles in place may limit the possible steering angle of the front uprights. But for us few RWD folk...

I'm trying to figure out ways to increase the steering angle of my BG wagon. My main motive for doing this is to be able to maintain more agressive angles while drifting, but I would also like to reduce my turning circle.

Methods drifters often use to increase their steering angle include:
- Chopping or replacing the steering stops (tie rod spacers) that limit further travel of the rack. Seems to be OK unless the pinion gear runs out of teeth on the rack.
- Chopping and rewelding the steering arm on the upright. Requires exacting precission and a careful welding hand to prevent annealing of the cast upright and softening the metal while also getting good pennetration of the weld.
- Widening the angle between tierod base/tie rod end and tie rod base/ball joint. The trick here is to maintain or increase the throw of the rack. A wider angle will prevent binding at full lock. In rear-mounted steering rack, this sometimes means shortening the TC rods to pul the ball joint forward. Front rack (like Suabrus) may mean moving the rack forward or moving the ball joint rearward.

Now, I am working on a conversion on my own car to use FC3S (2nd Gen RX7) 5-lug front uprights to convert to a axle-less front upright that can use a 5x114 bolt pattern and 4-pot brake calipers. I haven't measured the difference in steering arm length between the Suabru and the RX7, but I'm probably going to cut and reweld the arm on the upright.

Any thoughts on executing these modifications on a Legacy?