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10-11-2006, 01:23 PM
hey everyone this is my first post, nice to meet you all

i have an old 1991 legacy SS, auto, 133k miles, its in pritty good shape overall, minimal rust, mostly on muffler, fender bottems(behind wheel area), and exaust manafold and downpipe, nothing that'll really affect the car, its had its fair share of problems and so far i think ive done a pritty good job of keeping it running, *damn mechanics screwing people(me) over*, im a newbie mechanic with cars but i know how to use a wrench, and follow instructions, but theres still alot i dont know.

im hoping i can keep this baby working untill in finish college in another year or two, then maybe buy a new legacy gt *hopes*, but what i would really like to do is restore my old subie after i have found something a little more reliable.

to be honest i really want to ditch the automatic transmission, ive looked at several posts hear and done a little research, i was thinking the best think i could do to get all the parts is find a old legacy 5spd, and just swap the parts over, my engine is in pritty good shape i think, though i might consider a rebuild.

i dont really plan to rice this thing out or anything, maybe do a few upgrades, like exhaust, intake, suspention, and anything that can make my car more reliable too. im not too big on the 1in from the ground look, just want a solid car.

i really want to do a 5 speed swap though, i love driving a manual, and the auto feels like its limiting my car. i dont have lift or anything, but i could make a pit pritty easy, maybe outta cinder blocks or something haha, either way i have a wait ahead of me and alot of studying if i really intend to do this.

list of the problems the car has had (since i have owned it)

1) fuel pump died (damn mechs said they had to drop the tank)
2) replacement starter and batt(this guy really screwed me, the engine was turning over fine so it couldnt have been the starter and the batt was never changed, im 99% sure), NEVER go to simons auto in chelmsford ma
3) alternator blew, which ruined the crappy wiring to the fuel pump that #1 did, (trusted mechanic fixed that one)
4) bolt holding on crankpulley broke in half, which was stuck in the end of the crank, i think it might have started to back out or something. almost got rid of the car at that point, enter my mechanic (newb) skillz. This job i did myself, first repair i ever did, so far so good, shearing force bent the shit outta the key and the crank sprocket, had to replace both those, and the pulley, thank god for simple ohc non-interference, newb friendly ej22 engines huh.
5) currently having a "ticking noise" which sounds like the valve train, the trusted mechanic i mentioned earlier said it could be a sticky lifter hes been advising me since #4, and suggested a good detergent motor oil, im in the process of hoping the motor oil will solve it, but if it continues much longer, i might have to inspect the lifters, i really hope one hasnt collapsed. i bought moble clean high milage, i dont want to use a solvant, not on this old thing.

does anybody have an idea when i should start worrying that the ticking nose isnt just a sticky lifter, and that one might have collapsed? id rather not open up the engine if i dont have to, but id rather do whats best for the car.

this car has kinda become my educational toy, so doing the work works out for me.

so if anybody has any suggestions about the ticking noise, my restoration plan and the conversion please let me know?

p.s. ill see if i can post some pictures of those bent parts, you all gota see them,
p.s.2. i dont hate mechanics, just the ones that try to screw you, the light burn them!


10-11-2006, 01:50 PM
Welcome :)

As for the auto to manual swap, I know it's been done on an SS and been documented with a writeup. I believe mark has the link to it, he should chime in here shortly, otherwise I'll track it down.

There is tons of potential in that car, the engine block is awesome. Read the sticky at the top of this thread, its written for swaps but there is some good stuff in there about hte motor. If you end up having to rebuild the heads on it, you might as well just replace them with something that flows better. Check out the couple threads posted by Kelly, she has a wicked SS.

10-11-2006, 02:12 PM
http://www.legacycentral.org/library/tr ... onvert.htm (http://www.legacycentral.org/library/transmission/convert.htm)