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10-30-2006, 07:57 PM
Hey guys,

I just spent a long time writing a nice lengthy post to introduce myself and I hit a key that deleted it so here we go again...

My name is Dan and I hail from Westchester County NY. I am an elementary school special educator and I love cars of all kinds, but over the past few years, Subarus have been my favorite by a long shot. I now own two of them which is why I am here.

3 years ago I bought my pride and joy (and joined CLUBWRX and NASIOC)...A brand new 2004 WRB WRX loaded with everything from the factory...Well, the modding bug bit me, and now it is a WRX that can outrun some STi's. Most of the work I have done myself, as it is nothing too extensive, but someday it will be well over 300 Wheel HP....(don't tell my fiance :-)

Over the Summer I took a job working in an area where I have to park on the street that is kind of far from home. We all know how that goes when we have nice cars, so I bought my second Subaru. It's a 1995 Legacy L Wagon in Dark Red, with a manual tranny and only had 100k on the clock when I bought it about 5k miles ago. It belonged to a guy who passed away about two years ago, and it just sat for quite a while until I bought it from his wife. I only paid 2 grand, and for a lower milage EJ22, I figured it was worth it. So, I spent about 11 hours detailing and cleaning the interior and another 12 or so on the exterior when I bought it, to make it look halfway presentable. I found a junker 1996 outback and replaced all the broken and missing plastic interior parts. (got them all for free) I then replaced a front axle/cv assembly, the timing belt, front ball joints, all the brakes, wipers, pcv, fuel filter,shifter bushings and spring, ran some seafoam through it, and put some chevron techron in to fix up the out of wack gas gauge a bit. All in all, and for far less then 1 grand more in parts and some labor, it's a freekin awesome daily driver. I need a new/used A/C compressor cause this one is shot, and I gotta change the trans fluid soon, but other than that she is good. I will worry about the A/C in the Summer...I am throwing on some meaty tires and 16" wrx rims for the winter as well.

Other plans include replacing the tape deck with an oem cd player of some kind as well as Outback Struts, Spings, and sways to raise it and stiffen it up a bit in the handling department. I'd also love to do an intake and an exhaust of some kind, but maybe I will save the rice (as I know that subarus don't really gain any power from intakes and exhausts unless they are tuned like my wrx) and make this more of an offroader. I will post pics once I put the new wheels on and I will post pics of the WRX as well because it's an incredible car.

Let me know of any other tips or tricks that you think I should consider for my wagon!!!! Thanks! - Dan

10-30-2006, 08:17 PM
You'll enjoy that car. My EJ22 is a tank :grin:

Welcome to the fourms. Pictures of both cars go in Member's Rides I & II ;)

10-30-2006, 10:07 PM
Welcome! If I were you Id just stick the outback rear swaybar on there and forget the extra height. Its a very worthwile upgrade (Ive done it myself!)

10-31-2006, 07:53 AM
no extra height eh? Okay sounds like a plan....cheaper for me anyway LOL. Guess when it comes time to replace struts I will just get regular legacy ones. :-)

10-31-2006, 09:10 AM
nah, don't , KYB GR-2s are a little bit of an improvement and are cheaper than the OEM struts.

10-31-2006, 09:30 AM
Welcome! Sounds like you have got some nice cars there! Post some pics up when you can =]

10-31-2006, 11:20 AM
Will do guys...

I am psyched for you guys to see some pics of my rides. I will snap a couple of quickies once I put the wrx wheels on the wagon later.

Thanks for the suspension info...I thought itd be cool to swap everything with outback stuff, but you guys are right...too expensive for a full swap. I'd rather do other things with the money.

Any other simple/cheap upgrades you guys recommend for this little 2.2?

11-03-2006, 01:57 AM
Get an SLi sticker. :grin:

And welcome....

11-03-2006, 02:14 AM
Theres tons of stuff to do. Check out the DIY section, its kind of our pride and joy ;)

Oh, and if you ever REALLY get the tuning bug, and want to wrx swap it, you can venture into my swaps and conversions forum :twisted:

Feel free to ask questions around here, you don't have to tiptoe like you do on nabisco.

A rear strut bar in that wagon will make a noticeable difference, I've heard.


11-03-2006, 01:23 PM
The ebay intake and a good tune up with an ECU reset will make the car quite peppy. Just get some NGK plugs, some decent plug wires (OEM are only $30), and a fuel filter (which is often neglected). The 2.2 is slow, but so is the 2.5. They 2.2 has plenty of pep for what it is and what it is trying to push through (AWD).

11-08-2006, 10:58 PM
Welcome to SL-i. Post pictures of your car if you can. I would like to see it.

11-21-2006, 07:04 PM
Hey guys - I have been really busy lately - just got engaged and going house-hunting, but the cars are doing well and I am going to wash both of them and put pictures online really soon. Here's a list of what I have done since I bought the car (95 Legacy):

New passenger's side axle/cv
New interior Parts (cupholder, ashtray, misc plastic parts)
Fresh Detail
New rear brake shoes
New Shifter Bushings
2 New Wheel Studs
Ball Joints
Air filter
Fuel system cleaner
Engine Cleaning
Seafoam Cleaning
HVAC Bulbs
Fuel Filter
PCV Valve
Timing Belt
Front Brakes (Rotors and Pads)
Brake Fluid
Hood prop grommet
Winshield Wipers
WRX Wheels/Snow Tires
Rear Emblem "Legacy"
License Plate Light Bracket (replaced rusted_
Rear Latch Handle (replaced rusted)
Tranny and Diff Fluid (Castrol 80W90 HyopoyC)
Tightened driver's seat
WRX 6 CD Changer
Fixed Doorlocks

Here's what I have left to do to make her perfect:

New A/C Compressor
PLugs and Wires
Ebay Intake
POssibly new rear struts
Possibly wrx exhaust
Outback Rear Swaybar/solid endlinks
Fix small amound of rust on each of the rear fenders

11-22-2006, 08:48 PM
welcome, 2.2L rock on!