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08-14-2005, 11:32 AM
Installed it this morning (2001 GT), only took about 40 minutes using air tools but no lift. It does make a pretty dramatic difference! Shifts feel much smoother and starting from a stop is now effortless whereas before it would shudder or buck if you weren't dead on with clutch/throttle actuation. Now it is like it should be, smooth and easy to drive. The mount I removed had very little rubber filling compared to the STI mount and it was much softer. I was able to flex it very easily by hand. The STI mount didn't budge when I tried to flex it. For around $60 (all over ebay) and less than an hours time I say this is a must! However, if you are not using air tools I think it'd take probably twice as long. The largest obstacle was working around the bottle jack I used to support the transmission, otherwise this is as simple and straighforward as it gets.

08-14-2005, 03:01 PM
Thanks for the tip

08-14-2005, 06:06 PM
Ya, I run STI group n tranny and engine mounts. They are VERY worth the coin. :)

09-04-2005, 10:53 AM
whatever gets you to put more of your power to the wheels is a great idea. I will definitely try this :D

Did you feel it on the butt dyno?

I also heard that it makes shifting a lot smoother.

gator gt
09-04-2005, 07:37 PM
I have all four (both motor mounts, tranny and pitch) STi mounts and the engine growls more in the cabin, your seats feel slightly like massage chairs, and you'll hear the gears (1st, some of 2nd and all of reverse) more prominently.

With the motor mounts, the car rocks a bit when you tap the throttle, instead of just the motor having a seizure in the engine bay. I personally like it this way. I feel the motor and what its doing much better.

Yeah, its a pretty quick install...unless you are wrapping up the process in the rain and have one of the old studs snap.....not usually an issue when the crappy one has something snap.....but when it has the nut you need to secure the new one....DOH! Just takes a little more time.

I've got new STi motor mounts and 6MT mount ready and waiting for the swap. One of the best bang for the buck mods I've done.

Putting the motor mounts on the motor with the motor still in the car is a task for a newbie (which I was when I did it), but doable. No, you can't really torque the mounts onto the block when its still in the car, but I was confident about how tight I got them on.

And for those who don't feel like spending the $60 or time or money to have it installed, there is a DIY hardened mount procedure. Basically fabricate cardboard end plates to fit in the mount, front and back, fill the voids in your OEM mount with bodyfill urethane (from the squeeze tube or caulking tube style) and then place the cardboard backers in front and rear to keep the urethane in there to set. Follow the directions on the urethane container for set time.

When its set, remove the cardboard backers and if done correctly, you should have a DIY hardened mount for your tranny.

Can't remember if I first saw that one on NASIOC or ScoobyMods.

Take it a bit further and add KartBoy's shifter linkage front and rear bushings and now you're talking precision and solid feels!!!

Great mod choice jmgtp!!