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09-26-2005, 06:04 PM
Hey guys, I was looking for some info about modifying my legacy and I ran across this forum. I've been looking over it the past few weeks, and I finally decided I needed to post. Anyway, I don't know too much about cars, but I hope to be changing that. I'm 17, so I don't have too much driving experience (although I have had many experiences). I've only wrecked twice :cry: neither of which were my fault though. Thankfully the other guys (little brother's english teacher and an 18-wheeler driver) had insurance, so my car is back to normal.

09-26-2005, 07:50 PM
You've got an 05??? Sweet!

Glad you came around, the forums can always use more people asking/answering questions or just discussing stuff :)

You won't find that you're alone as a youth, I'm 18, and I believe a lot of other people aren't that much older than you (mostly about 20 years old).

You did get the manual right? ;)

Enjoy your legacy and drive safe. And if 2deadlegs offers to show you a picture, don't accept :lol:

09-26-2005, 08:01 PM
You did get the manual right? ;)

I wish :-/

My parents got it for me as a suprise, although it's not technically mine. It was just sitting in the driveway one day when I got home. They say it's theirs (even though it's mine when it needs to be washed/cleaned/etc) so I'm not allowed to do much of anything to it, really. I wish they talked to me before they got it, because I woulda chipped in all the money I've saved up and gotten a manual GT instead of an auto 2.5i, but I'm still very happy with what I got.

09-26-2005, 08:02 PM
they have no taste ;) :lol:

At least you got blue, I love blue :) You still have a very nice car.

My deal with my parents is similar, I pay all the extra stuff, but they upkeep the thing if its major.

09-26-2005, 08:34 PM
Welcome to the site. Im 19, so were not too far off!

If you can I suggest taking your car to a local Autocross. Its great fun and weaving around those cones is kinda like weaving around dumb drivers ;)

09-26-2005, 09:53 PM
Best mod I can suggest to you for the 05 is to de-orange your headlights, tint the windows, chuck on some nice springs and remove your intake resonators. Actually, pretty much the same for any car. :D

Seriously though. They are damn easy cars to work on, at least in the engine and underneath.

09-26-2005, 09:57 PM
Seriously though. They are damn easy cars to work on, at least in the engine and underneath.

No Kidding! Oil, Power steering, alternator, its all RIGHT THERE! And you generally don't need to mess with those anyways :D