View Full Version : Snorkus + ram air???

10-17-2005, 03:59 PM
Ok kind of. Anyhoo, I was wondering if I were to remove this light cover, if the increase in air coming in would be beneficial to the snorkus mod?


Then again, I am in colorado, which has snow, rain, and leaves. So maybe if I opened it up and put a mesh screen in place? Anyway, just wanted to hear your thoughts. I imagine the noise of the mod would be louder from outside the car doing this.

10-17-2005, 04:02 PM
FWIW, i had my driving lights removed, and cut the BOTTOM off the bulb at the bottom of the snorkus. no problems in winter. BUT i also have a CAI, so it doesn't "suck" quite as hard.

10-17-2005, 04:33 PM
www.diyms.org.nz (http://www.diyms.org.nz)


10-17-2005, 04:36 PM
Already did it, I have pics I just need to get the chance to upload them. I have a GT bumper but it still works exactly the same, haven't had any moisture problems and definitely noticed a slight difference.