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02-21-2009, 04:10 PM
This is going to be the LONGEST post in SLi History.
And this project has been going on for a while, so some of the catch up progress might not make perfect sense, since ill be copying it off another forum. So please bare with me.

First off Because its not a SS or Z28 or anything fancy, This camaro restored to orignal is worth jack shit. So im going for what is known as a Pro Touring style. Old school muscle with new age modifications. Because the resale value is by far higher. Ive owned this car for 18 years... And theres a really long sob story behind this car that has led it to sadly sit most of its life rusting away... But i wont bore you with that unless you ask. But its finally getting a turn for the better. So no more BS, Heres the build.

Started day one (this was sometime in august 08) by buying a new battery, a gallon of gas, and a can of starting fluid (which i didnt even have to use) and fired her up. started quit easy actually and ran like a champ after it burned off all the cob webs and crap. topped up the oil, trans fluid, coolant, brake fluid, aired up the tires (surprised the held air), and drove it to the front of the house. and heres how it sat waiting to go to my shop. (this is all after sitting for atleast 15 years.)



Looks in good shape huh? to bad you cant see all the fuck ups in the pictures that the crappy paint hides.

like this after i broke away all the bondo, where it has rusted clear threw the fender to day light.


or this (going to be a lot worse when all the bondo and chicken wire is gone)


the entire way around the back window is rusted out, im suprised the window is still holding in there.


this is how the other side looked before i broke all the bondo off. im sure this one has rusted clear threw too.


All this gets replaced with new metal.


Roof should be salvagable. its not rusted that bad yet.


nice big scratch/dent


anyways, first thing was to fix the transmission leak. so took it to my old shop and put it on the lift.


pulled the nasty ol trans out.


took this oportunity to do some prettying up :)

greasy crossmember..


clean crossmember.


painted/rust protected :)


Went threw the entire chassis/drive train. new bushings, greasy, alignment, fixed the brakes, got everything mechanically sound.


Then put new seals in the transmission threw out, and put it back in the car :)


this crappy camera phone pic makes this look much worse than it is. but either way its nothing pretty.

Motor is a 327 port/polish and bored out to a 350, modest internal upgrades. packs about 350 hp and runs about 8 mpg lmao. That will change when i have 5 grand to invest into the motor i want. ive got a bunch of engine dress up in storage too for when the car is finished so the motor wont look so crappy.


Ordered a set of LED tail lights. so i started on them next. had to remove the rear bumper from the car, then remove the tail lights.


Removed the bezels from around the tail lights (they just got cleaned, after they dry i will hit them with the power ball and buff em up so they look new again)


broken lenses, dryed out seals, not a good thing. So they all went in the trash. Ill order new ones soon. just gotta wait to see how much else im gonna order at the same time.


Cleaned the housings, primed them, and then sprayed them with a white rust protectant.


and when i get the new lenses and gaskets, all of this will be installed into the housings :)


But i played christmas today and dug out all the parts i could find from storage. So heres a few pics :)

New interior panels


Fresh chrome. Head light surrounds, grill surround. and my broken grill.


brand new Genuine GM door handles, window handles, sun visor mounts and dome light. along with new chrome and gold door arm rest, new seat side covers, and 18K Gold valve stem caps haha.


Fresh chromed grill lights, with brand new lenses and gaskets. new sun visors, new chrome hood latch kit, water neck, and brace bars. braided hose kit for some engine dress up :) and a huge gold Moroso Air filter


now i have another box of more new parts somewhere. i just cant find them because i know im missing my gold moroso valve covers, and some other interior parts. so i got another box to find. but theres some of the stuff.

got the transmission finished and installed so i brought it back home. and took it out by the lake for a test drive and to take the official "Before" Pictures.








So All of that above happened In august and september. Then there was a long break in this period due to some life issues.

So this next part of the post all happenes from january 12th - To Present.

-January 12th 2009,

today i did a little work before i took it out to the shop to go under the knife. insured it for 30 days and got a trip permit so i can drive it to my new shop, because its about 15 miles out of town, and this car needs a good driving, plus its a pain in the ass to tow a trailer up that loong step ass hill with out borrowing my buddys diesel.
Wired in the LED tail lights, and fixed the wiring issues with the head lights, and bolted down the front seat. so it was atleast Semi legal to drive. Couple vids...

My Flasher is out and i didnt realise untill after this video. So the turn signals are all messed up right now. (plus the tail lights are on teh wrong side of the car) So ignore the turn signals right now lol. But i got a new flasher, just havnt installed it yet.
And i havnt ordered my new lenses yet either. So yes they will have tail light lenses when they are finished. i just needed them to drive 15 miles in the dark...

YouTube - DSCF0339 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvDkyO96C-M)

Carb was being a pos from sitting all winter and getting gunked up. Not sure why... ran fine before. So started it up and played with it some. Running pretty good now.

YouTube - DSCF0340 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPGYC9HSc1A)

So i drove it out to the shop tonight. Had a buddy following me in his 13.7 second 1/4 mile car... Turning onto highway 197 gunned it and opend her up from about a 15 mph roll....tires busted loose for a bit, and his ass Still could NOT keep up what so ever hahaha. Freaking looove this motor. Im banking its a 12.8 second car as it sits right now. (with better rubber of course)

So the sanding will start tomorrow. After that comes cutting the panels away, and making new ones! from scratch...
and tons more.. This will be finished Before spring hopefully. Summer for sure. So expect updates rather quickly over the winter :)

January 24th,
10 Days into the project.

Well took my mom and step dad out to the shop today to see the car. So i knew it would be a good day to bring the camera and snap some pictures since i wouldnt be doing any real work.
(i only have a $900 dollar camera, and i dont like to bring it to the shop where its going to get damaged, or sanding particles in it)

And just to make you appreciate the work thats been put into this a little more.

EVERYTHING you see thats in primer grey started out as a flat piece of metal. every single bend and shape and mold has been put in there by me, 100% hand made. Havnt bought a single patch panel. Which has saved thousands of dollars.







So first part to really fix was the hood. For some reason this corner rusted pretty bad. So after some new metal later..



This is about the only perfect part on the car haha.


Next was to attack all the rear panels.



Keep in mind. all this primer grey was hand made!!





New rain gaurds, and corners of the roof have all been completely remade from scratch! Before the original gutters were held on by caulking from teh dip shit who "restored" this car the first time. It rusted so bad. the roof was pretty much only being held on by the culking. another 2 years of sitting and the roof could have collapsed in probably.



hasnt been sanded and primered yet. But glazed and ready :)


The spoiler made the lip of the trunk rust clear threw. So the last 3" of trunk again, made from scratch!


No more big scratch/dent!! flawless once again! (that mark is where the body line got sanded to bare metal, its not a scratch)


Today we did a little sanding on the cowl. and that was it.


the exterior rust is 90% fixed. Still have to remake half the edges around the windows. Fix a little more in the center of the hood. and that should be it. Then we are going to start on the interior/floor and the roof. I think tomorrow were going to pressure wash everything and burn all that paint off. Nothing like extremely hot water (that actually burnt threw my work boot one time and scortched my foot) to really clean a old rust bucket up!

January 27th 2009 (my 21st birthday! haha)

All the window trims have been remade and are rust free now, and have been coated with rust protectant.

Rust has been taken care of in the floor, and rust coated. Dynamat is coming next.



Originally the dash got painted Gloss white. In the sun this put such a glare on the windshield you could not see a DAMN thing. it was horrible. So this is the primer/rust coat. It will be flat black soon. Sorry for the blurry picture.


Roof taken care of. (por15) Dynamat coming in next, and head liner going in right after!


i spent about 4 HOURS sanding in the engine bay today. But its ready to get painted now!


New headliner getting ready to go in. Probably tomorrow.


Trunk had a tiny bit of rust, put in a new plate. Hit it with the rust protectant, and then nailed it with this grey speckly trunk coating.


general shots.



Painted the underside of the hood. Almost looks brand new!


Been busting ass and really hammering this car out. Hoping to have it in the paint booth in the next WEEK!
Lots more coming very soon :)

Febuary 1st.

Heres some updates.

Engine bay before...


After a nice pressure wash, new paint job, and some detailing, its all shinney again! (and its still not finished! theres only more going on to make it shine more!)


Cleaned up the nice old mickey thompsons, and had my sister do her fancy pin striping work on them. Not getting rid of these cherrys!



Febuary 5th,

parts came in!!
It was like Christmas in febuary today!! with a box that was as tall as ME!!!
The shipping company made it feel like christmas a little bit more with there ultra high tech fancy packing paper!


$800 bucks doesnt buy you very much!


not much at all...


30 freaking POUNDS of dynamat!


New grill, new rear deck with speaker cut outs! hooray! lol


New gaskets, seals, weather stripping, side mirrors, Tail light lenses. (forgot to freaking order my reverse light lenses damn it!!


New glove box, and every single interior screw, clip, bracket, and mount there is all in brand new stainless steel :D


I was going to paint it tomorrow morning, but i think im going to hold off till after the weekend. Going on a weekend long trip with the quads and some buddys, so i dont think i have time tomorrow to throw out some paint before i have to take off.

But you should have a good update monday with a fully painted car!

Febuary 8th,

Fresh Paint as of tonight =]








Febuary 10th,

small update. I tried taking better pictures of the paint, but i just cant in the crappy shop light.

anyways i got one more run i just found on the fender to fix, and then ill go crazy on wet sanding, then it will get its top coat, and then of course buff it and all that good stuff!




Got the floor covered in dynamat


New head liner is in and most the wrinkles finally pulled out. There is dynamat in the roof of the car as well.


This summer when it heats up and stretches ill be able to work that wrinkle out and get it tight. but untill then... it has to stay... :(


dash all painted. yes its the same color as the outside of the car.


anyways more soon.

Febuary 13th,

another $300 bucks in parts showed up today....



more coming soon!

Febuary 19th,

ive got the entire car wet sanded, cut and buffed now. And been working on putting it back together, its nearing completion! Im busting my ass to get it finished by march 14th! I really wanna bring it to the PRE dyno day.

But i havnt been bringing my camera to the shop sorry. so i dont have any pictures of that. ill take some soon!

But my LED's came in today. so here was the next project.

started out with some cardboard, punched some holes, stuffed in some LED's and glued them down.


Did some wire running and soldering on the back side..


Taped it up and got it ready to install.


Glued it down.


Tested it.


New Reverse light lenses came in finally. (Light off)


Back up lights on, ;)


They are very bright actually, but my camera took a dark picture with the very white lights on... so they are not near as dim as the picture seems.

Also i know, not quite as fancy as the nice digitail boards i put in for the brake/tail lights.. but hey. your talking about 200 bucks, vs 8 bucks!

So that catches you up to current. Today is the 21st of course. Ill be heading out to the shop later to take a few pictures and work some more on putting it back together. So expect anotehr update tonight/tomorrow!!

Thanks for looking! Comments welcome.

02-22-2009, 12:30 AM
Very nice, I like that body style, I could care what it is tagged as too, it's going to be bad ass regardless. Is that a pearl white paint?

02-22-2009, 08:36 AM
pretty close, custom mixed white with a gold. its not a pearl paint, its more of a pearlescent. It changes color between the white and gold. Ill take a video here shortly because the video will capture the flop.

02-22-2009, 12:20 PM
color me jealous...

i LOVE 67 camaros!!! i love the pro touring style too... nothing like an old car that doesn't flinch when you throw it at a corner!

can't wait to see more updates! you're really moving through this project!

02-22-2009, 02:28 PM
1) love the color
2) Sweet idea with the LED's, but did you think about maybe doing a bit of a reflector in there? Even some aluminum foil over the cardboard would help, as LED's project very little light outside of directly head on (I think even wide angle LED's are only good for 30*.
3) Any pictures of the sub box enclosure build? Or is that not what this is?


02-22-2009, 03:02 PM
1) love the color
2) Sweet idea with the LED's, but did you think about maybe doing a bit of a reflector in there? Even some aluminum foil over the cardboard would help, as LED's project very little light outside of directly head on (I think even wide angle LED's are only good for 30*.
3) Any pictures of the sub box enclosure build? Or is that not what this is?


That is a pic of the gauge bezel on the dash.

02-22-2009, 03:03 PM
1) love the color
2) Sweet idea with the LED's, but did you think about maybe doing a bit of a reflector in there? Even some aluminum foil over the cardboard would help, as LED's project very little light outside of directly head on (I think even wide angle LED's are only good for 30*.
3) Any pictures of the sub box enclosure build? Or is that not what this is?


1. Thank you :)

2. I never did, untill a guy on a camaro forum brought it up, and i was like damn good idea... Never thought of that. Im going to be building my turn signals the same way, so with those, i will try something more reflective. How ever these are very bright honestly if you saw em in real life. The LED's do not point straight up. Because of the very small projection angle like you said, they would not aluminate the whole housing, they would just be white dots every so often. thats why they are bent over 90 degrees and face each other. then the whole lense glows one solid color. So this will work perfect for now, but yes i will be trying that trick on the turn signals!

3. Thats my gauge cluster!!! :smt005 lmao!

Although i will be putting in subs and stuff, ive got the amp kit ran, how ever i havnt bought my stereo shit yet. that will be a project for another day and wont happen any time in the near future.

color me jealous...

i LOVE 67 camaros!!! i love the pro touring style too... nothing like an old car that doesn't flinch when you throw it at a corner!

can't wait to see more updates! you're really moving through this project!

Yeah i cant wait till i have the cash to throw on the freaking sweet ass subframes they make for these suckers. but they are like crazy expensive :( i think 5 grand or something high like that.

My goal is to finish it by march 14th, so i can bring it to the PRE Dyno day and not only show it off to 100 people that have been anxiously browsing it on a local forum, but also to get some nice output numbers on it ;)

I think it stands a pretty good chance at winning the rwd NA class as well!
Most rwds that show up there will be boosted.

02-22-2009, 03:09 PM
Ok that'd explain the notch at the base. haha. No sense of size pwns me.

02-22-2009, 03:14 PM
lol no worries.

onlything ive got done on the stereo right now is i ran all the speaker wires, and all the amp wires, because i dont wanna have to pull the carpet back up agian.

Ill be ordering my head unit here in the next couple days, and nice speakers. (probably infinity since i can get massivly cheap deals on them) The only down side is for right now im just going to run them in the traditional sense. 2 in the back and 1 in the center of the dash. and no subs right now. I just want my car back on the road so i can enjoy it for a while, and dont want it stranded because of a stereo build. i wanna drive it!! but as soon as that 8mpg starts kicking in ill start bitching and park it and then build the stereo the way i want lol. 2 fronts, 2 backs. Custom built kick panels for the speakers instead of in teh dash. 2 Kicker Comp VX's and amp in a custom built sub encloser.

02-22-2009, 05:01 PM
Awesome man, a lot of work in the end always worth it!

02-25-2009, 12:23 PM
Keep us updated, that's turning into quite a gorgeous car...

02-26-2009, 09:15 AM
Wow.. lots of good work here man! Keep it up! More pics! haha. :smt023

03-31-2009, 09:52 PM
SPR - Great Looking Paint and Body Work!!! I'd really like to see this car done. I'm one of those that would rather see the car built to what you like rather than the RS or SS pure breeds. Does it still have a 10 bolt or did you upgrade to a 12 bolt rear? I think you can get the same strength out of a 10 bolt now a days. How about the front brakes? Upgrade to discs?

I have a friend with a '69 that has a BB & 871 blower on top. Nothing like cruising at 60 mph and lighting up the tires on demand while remaining at 60.

04-06-2009, 12:01 AM
man i can't wait to see this thing when it's done! keep it up

04-06-2009, 06:22 PM
That is incredible work, sir. It takes serious, serious time and effort when doing a classic Resto.

I can't wait to see where this goes. :smt007

Okin DaVanh
01-01-2010, 06:20 PM
Any Updates??

01-06-2010, 04:51 PM
Nice, I like seeing classics get updated to modern specs.

01-10-2010, 03:22 AM
maaan guys sorry i've been gone for a looong time huh?

Car is finished. for now.. its sitting in a heated barn for the winter. this summer i plan on driving the shit out of it and crashing the car shows and saving money all over again so next go around it can get everything else it needs liek suspension, drivetrain, power, and brakes!