I've downloaded and installed Subaru Resource (link), the same software that the guys behind that parts counter use. I've been fiddling with it to no end but can't get it to work. have any of you had any luck? It seems a commenter on the torrent is having the same issue:

"I converted the .daa to .iso, ran setup for the parts catalogs, directed Subaru-Fast 2 Setup to the IMPREZA_LEGACY and LEGACY&L&JSERIES directories, and then ran Retrieve Parts Number. Clicking '?' gave and error suggesting I don't have the right CD-ROM, and so does entering a valid VIN. I tried mounting the .iso, I tried using the directories on the .iso instead of the copies on my HDD. I'm stuck."

And that's it, I followed the instructions that came with the software very closely. Has anyone got it working?