I don't know if I'm going to keep Verizon Wireless or go elsewhere for cellular because my wife is trying to get out of the cellphone she's using, and we can't upgrade just yet without paying FULL RETAIL for a cellphone right now (as opposed to the advertised 2-year plan rates now). I might have to find out how much it costs to terminate my service to go cheaper (like choosing Boost Mobile or Metro PCS, or something like that where you pay 50 bucks a month for unlimited talking, texting, AND internet).

Sound off - what cellphone plan do you have right now and how much does it cost? Ideally, I would like a new plan to cover talk, text, and internet for 50 bucks a month (or less). The Verizon plan for unlimited everything, last time I checked, was 100 bucks a month.

(By the way, I know unlimited talk is going to be impossible for that price. I am trying to get decent talk time with unlimited text and unlimited internet.)

EDIT: right now I'm paying about 100 to 110 bucks a month for my phone and my wife's phone, with 700 shared minutes and her unlimited internet, plus push-to-talk.