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Thread: Where you at? (member map)

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    There is the automatic Member Map at the top of the forum. It brings you to a Google Maps with pins for Geo-location based on ISP for everyone.

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    Up here in N.E. Wisconsin. there are 7 Subies on my block. After I bought my 1999 Subaru Legacy wagon, my neighbor bought 2 new Subies after the wicked winter of 2016-2017! Guess he saw how well mine went thru the snow! My little green machine has 186,456 miles on it. I love driving it, and my son, his buddy, and my niece have borrowed it when their cars died. My son ended up buying a used 2004 Imprezza WRX. It need some work under the hood, so I happily helped him some tools that belonged to my grandfather. Even tho I have a big 2013 Chevy Impala with all the bells and whistles, I still like driving my Subie. Even my wife see's how much I love my Lil Green wagon when we go out. She says I'm 20 years younger when driving it!

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    Would love to get together with some locals. Is this members map link still a thing? I don't see anything labeled as such.

    Currently wrenching in the southeast Wisconsin area!


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