Well, I finally getting around to posting my Volvo project... She's not much right now, but hoping to have her driving by Summer...

I got it when I was about 7 years old from my dad. This was the car I learned with. I put a tape deck in when I was 12, and then primered it when I was 14 (it was bad... haha...). Some ask me why I'm doing a build of a 4 door Amazon Volvo. Most of it is because this is my vary 1st car, ever. the other was I got made fun of a lot in high school for it because it was an auto and a 4 door, so what better why to at back at people then make it look hot and fast as hell! I have had a love for these cars since I was a kid, but always wanted a 2 door and never got the chance. I'm now a 4 door nut for some reason and I ove the idea of killing an unsuspecting car, more so Honda's and VW's as I have felt a rivalry with then since college...

Originally it had a B20 2.0 from a 71 Volvo, with twin SU HIF carbs, and a 3 speed auto. I drove it like that till 1999 and then I got a 1970 Volvo 142 and then started restoring it.

The way I'm building it is for drift and track. 122's come in at 2400 curb wight, 300 under the Nissan S13 that the motor is from. I'm also leaving it a 4 seater so when I do have a family, we can take it church and stuff... haha

As it is now...

-shaved side trim/hood letters/hood trim/C-pillar belt trim/rear reflectors/fuel filler hole in rear deck
-deleted front bumper for fiberglass airdam
-pre 1964 tailights (solid reds, original's are red/red/white)

-what interior? haha!!!
-removed sound deadening
-modified trans tunnel for Nissan setup
-Rear seat from a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse
-Momo Coarse wheel (not installed)
-Front seats are to be determined...

-Currently stock coil springs
-Install 2-1/2" drop IPD sport springs front and rear (not yet installed)

-1991 Nissan KA24DE twin cam
-Nissan 5 speed
-modified cross member/oil pan
-custom motor mounts
-Volvo 164 heavy duty motor mounts

Things on the to do or pending list...
-80% of body work is done, then paint
-shave rear license plate and lights on deck lid
-strip chrome on rear bumper, weld seams and studs, re-locate license plate to bumper

Engine bay/drivetrain:
-route intercooler piping for future turbo setup
-Cooling for motor
-wiring for motor
-finish rear trans mount
-build radiator and intercooler
-re-locate oil filter
-new driveline
-Ford 9 in rear end, or 8.8 Ford rear end...
-3" exhaust... want to blow flames =)

Too much to list...

Crazy stuff for later:
-Mustang 8.8 rear end (S13 would not work)...
-Turbo set up (already have manifold and a few other parts, just want it running N/A first)
-17" wheels
-Rack and pinion setup
-Nissan cruise control
-Auto meter gauges
-mild roll cage
-Safari roof rack (I know, but it will be funny as hell!)

Pic from high school...

Motor setup as of Nov 2010...

Most resent pic from church car show

Modded Oil pan

Modded crossmember

Driver mount tacked in

Trans tunnel... Lots of work has been done since this pic...