So... I just drove cross country (well, Albany, GA to Estes Park, CO). My grandparents insisted i take a cb radio, to stay awake and have something to do. I got one and have honestly fallen in love with the damn thing. The only beef i have with it is its sits in my passenger seat and plugs into the cigg lighter. I have so much other stuff pluged in there, and i dont like moving it all the time for people. I have been thinking of putting it in my dash, but one small problem.... its not as long as a single DIN opening, its just as thick, but there are gaps between it and the little cheap wood trim. Any thoughts on how i can make it work? I though maybe using a couple peaces of stereo dash kit? Let me know what you think.... The best part about it, it has a P.A. out on it so, i hooked up a speaker under the hood, so much fun when your just totally bored and see kids sitting around the Mickey D's lot!