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Reserved for future use for WILL IT WORK and AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE

Aftermarket... Like springs, swap bars, body kits, wings, seats...

Crazy interchanges no one knows... Like a Tribeca bar on a BD...

Will it work... Such as "what do I do to make STi struts work?" or "can I install Impreza seats in my car?" goes here... I know a ton of those threads are out there. Post them here, or PM me and I'll update it. It would be nice to have a one thread go to for this vast amount of knowledge we have on this forum!

I have already got some help from other members, feel free to pitch in, or correct me if I'm wrong, I'm gonna need a lot of help figuring this stuff out. I know some, but very little!

On the good list: Whiteline, H&R
Bad list: Tein S-tech

Hybrid spring swaps:

Rally Tech

OEM Stereo interchanges:
Impreza up to 2007
Forester up to 2008
Legacy up to 2004 (2005 and up incoprerated into dash/HAVC)

02-03 GT bar on 2nd gen Cheap (part #20401AE03A) http://www.sl-i.net/FORUM/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=21211
Tribeca bar link?

I know this is probably too late to be of any help to anyone but STI springs should fit BE/BH Legacys. Whiteline do swaybars and I highly recommend them 9had 24mm heavy duty one in my 2.5 BD Legacy)
I have a 03 Legacy L SE , so you are saying STi Springs from this year will fit?