Ok, so I keep seeing people ask if something will work or not when it comes to body parts, mechanical parts.

Read before posting please! Myself and a few others have been compiling a comprehensive list of interchanging parts for all Generations of Legacy's! Each post is broke up into Generations. 2nd gen is the most complete at this time.

Some will not be something a wrecker will know, but this should take care of a lot of it. This is a link I use all the time to figure what can get diffs out off, what years a hood will interchange with and so on and so on. You sometimes need to get creative with your search, but I have got a lot figured out with this LINK!


If you use it and your still stumped, then post in this tread or a thread or ask someone that knows. Now it's not going to tell you that a 99 Outback bumper will fit on a 95 L, thats custom stuff. However it took me about 3 minutes to cross check an Outback, GT, L, and Baja to see what hoods fits what. It will as turbo, non turbo.

This is also good for locating parts and also pricing them out. I found a 5 speed for a customer in Denver for cheaper then here in Seattle and a lot of these places will ship if you need it ASAP.

This is for North American cars, includes Canada and Mexico.

Threads with interchange info:


Send me a PM if you got something I dont know... I'll add you to the list!