Here's a helpful little how-to on posting pictures of your car (or whatever else) up on SLi:

1. Buy a digital camera...

Okay, I'm going to assume you at least know how to snap photos and get them loaded on your computer.

1. Find an Image hosting website.
Some sites:

2. You'll want to create an account with any of these so you can keep track of your images uploaded. Some places will eventually delete your uploaded images if you haven't done it with an account.

3. Upload your images stored on your computer. Make sure to put them in an easy place to find - most uploading websites won't remember the obscure folder you saved your images to, so you'll likely have to find it every time.

4. Once you've uploaded the photos to the site, you can now "hotlink" them to SLi using [IMG tags]. This will take a photo and display it on a forum post via a hyperlink.

I use photobucket:

Photobucket is nice because it automatically applies the tags for you (if you want):

When you click on the highlighted region, it will automatically "copy" the tag for you. Just "Paste" it where you want it in your post.

It will look like this:

A note about hotlinking from other websites:

You can also take images uploaded from websites (ie: and apply [IMG] tags to them, however, some websites don't like this. Why?

They don't like it, because if their image is being viewed on a forum, it's linking to their page, which means it's using their server bandwidth. If you directly hotlink, you may find that they will pull your link down (causing the image to not load) or add a new image like this:

Note: I didn't hotlink that image from their site - I saved it to my computer, and rehosted it on photobucket instead. Just remember that stealing images from other people can be frowned upon to. In the world of car forums, that usually isn't a problem, but taking original, creative work is still theft.

Another note: has a handy little hosting tool that will let you bypass all the downloading, uploading, etc and just let you host any public photo link with your imgur account, bypassing hotlinking and making the process much much easier. I have started using Imgur for nearly all of my photosharing.