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Thread: Selling Rules, or "Why did my thread get deleted?"

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    Selling Rules, or "Why did my thread get deleted?"


    1. What you are selling MUST have pics of the actual items being sold. If you don't have pics up your ad WILL BE DELETED.
    2. You must have your location in your Control Panel AND in the thread's title.
    3. Must have 25+ posts to post up an ad. Ad will be deleted unless authorized by an admin.
    4. You must post a price. "Throw me an offer" is not a price.
    5. Multiple threads will be asked to be combined. If they aren't we will assume they are sold and will be deleted.
    6. If you sell everything, edit your post title with the words "DELETE" or "SOLD," otherwise put SOLD after each individual item until everything’s gone.
    7. If your thread hasn't seen any action in 3 months, it will get locked. Any locked threads over 3months old will be deleted entirely. If you want your thread unlocked, PM a moderator/admin.

    1. Plain and simple, don't bust on another sales thread. If you have the same thing cheaper start your own thread. If you have issues take it to PM. You get one warning, 2nd time you get the boot.
    2. Please do not post irrelevant questions or stories of being broke in for sale threads. No-one least of all the seller wants to hear about how you'd "totally buy this if you had the cash". If you can't pay, you can't play.
    3. Please don't flood the non-ebay sections with eBay/Craigslist/other site ads or links. We have a dedicated ebay/other site section for this.

    Buyer Beware:
    1. or it's admins/mods/owners are NOT responsible for any transactions gone wrong.
    2. This is the Internet, if you plan on buying from someone buy at your own risk, you may get burnt. BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
    3. You should use the Purchase Section for Paypal. Paypal Personal "Gift" Payments offer you no protection for "gifts!"

    These rules are set up to help protect the buyer and seller.

    How to post pics:
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    Re: Selling Rules, or "Why did my thread get deleted?"

    When people can't bother to read the rules I can't bother give you a heads up that your FS thread got deleted. These rules are in place to help you sell and help buyers see what they are getting. Don't post a FS thread if you don't have actual pics of the item ready to post. If you can't post pics till tomorrow, don't post your ad till tomorrow.

    Moderators will be on the hunt for these threads the violate the rules.
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