First off, welcome to the boards! This thread is designed to get you started on SLi, whether you want to ask a question, show off your Legacy (or other car/truck/bike!), or just hang out with other Legacy fantatics like us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I start?
First thing most people will do is introduce themselves in "Member Introductions." This post typically includes a "Hi my name is...." followed by a picture/description of their vehicle and why they decided to join. This area is pretty informal.

I have an urgent question about a problem with my Legacy, where should I post?!
See the SLi Technical section (located just underneath the general section). The Tech area is sorted by the areas of the vehicle your problem or question would be associated with. Likely your question has been asked before, so try searching a little first to see what information has been posted. If it hasn't been answered sufficiently for you, place your question, with a clear thread title (the right people might not click on a thread title if it isn't accurate), and any and all information you can give us about it. Pictures are wonderfully helpful when possible. Video is great if you're hearing a "weird noise that sounds like a whirring." Subarus do tend to make a lot of odd noises (some bad, but most normal for any aging car) so these tools are useful for us to help you.

How do I post pictures on the forum?
I have a writeup on how to do just such a thing (click here)

What about video?
See the photo writeup. The process for videos on is very similar. Otherwise is a good place to post 'em. Both sites offer links to embed within a forum posting or you can just link to them.

I'd like to start selling/buying parts here!
You'd want the SLi classifieds section, which is split into several categories for easy searching. Keep in mind that internet transactions can be risky, so we have many rules that need to be followed to properly sell things here at SLi. Rules for each section are posted at the top of the subforum. They are designed to protect both buyer and seller so that everyone remains happy with their experience here and gets what they need, so we encourage everyone to read and follow them.

I posted something and I can't find it now. What happened?
It could be a number of things. Most likely, it was posted in the wrong area and needed to be moved. If you can't find it, please PM (Private Message) a moderator to help you locate it. Clicking the checkbox "Notify me when a reply is posted" is also a good way to keep track of posts you've made. When we move posts, we always post in them after they've been moved so you get an email telling you exactly where it is.
If it was a classifieds post, likely it did not meet the criteria outlined in the rules and needs to be fixed. PM a moderator asking what was wrong, and we will help you fix the issue and restore the posting.

This area is a work in progress and will be finished at a later date....