Hi guys, been reading through this thread and you all seem like a brainy bunch so would love to try get some assistance, i have a 2000 b4 legacy revision c with the black face cluster, now the other day i noticed that my ring lighting was not working in some areas so went to replace the bulbs. I used some out of another cluster but i think now that they were the wrong sort, i plugged it all back in and could smell a bad burning smell so switched it off and now i have no ring lighting at all, the clock no longer holds memory and resets to 1:00 every time the power is off, the trip meter also resets when the power is off and the door open display no longer works... Does anyone have anything i could try to attempt to fix it, i suspect i need to replace something on the pcb but im not sure what to look at or for... Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!