Since we have 8 million stickies right now, I thought condensing might help clean it up a little.

General N/A Threads:
Custom Intake Setups
Sound Clips
Dyno Results Thread
Perdue's N/A Turning Guide
Subaru Specific OBDII Codes
PCV Valve
Compression ratio cross reference chart

EJ25 Threads:
Stock EJ25 head flow
Headgasket Checklist & Pics

EJ22 Threads:
Ticking Noise Solved! (EJ22's with HLA's)

EZ30, EZ36, EJ20, EJ18, etc:
EZ30 Tear Down

Engine Related DIY threads:

Tachometer install
MSD coilpack conversion
BD/BK ebay intake install
BE/BH custom intake install
Installing lightweight pulley
Valve cover gasket
DOHC timing belt replacement

If you would like to see any threads added to this list, Please PM me!