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Thread: Question on upgrading speakers in Legacy B4 RSK

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    Question on upgrading speakers in Legacy B4 RSK

    I'm looking to replace all the speakers in the car with some less shoddy ones. the rockford fosgate punch ones seem to get good reviews but was wondering if they would struggle if the volume is cranked up. most other brands seem to be above 100w for similar price where RF is only 55w. I'm guessing they would sound better than most but start to distort at higher volumes?

    and would it be worth hooking them up to an amp, as most HU's only do to 50w?
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    Re: Question on upgrading speakers in Legacy B4 RSK

    I've been involved in many stereo replacement/upgrades and personally we have never connected the speakers up to an amp. If all you are doing is replacing the factory speakers I wouldn't find it necessary to have an amp. I have done the stereo in my Legacy and the only amp that I am using is for the subs I added in the trunk. The door speakers are running just off the headunit and everything sounds great...even with the volume cranked up.

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    Re: Question on upgrading speakers in Legacy B4 RSK

    So, the speakers should be fine, and the amp has a different use than most people realize at first. The HU will only but out 15-20w RMS, with 55w max. Those speakers are probably 55w RMS, so really the head unit is under powering the speakers. This does not make much of a volume difference, from my experience, but more of a quality difference. I am running an Alpine Power Pack 4-Channel amplifier and I am very happy with it, there is zero distortion even at full volume. The power pack does about 45w per channel RMS, and my speakers are 50-55w RMS, so it's a pretty close match. The quality of sound is much different with the amp than without it. I have very nice Infinity components up front (and now in the rear) and for a while had some cheap Pioneer 2-ways in the back. On an aftermarket HU with no amp, I could hardly tell the difference in quality between the two. The Infinity's were nicer, but I was not blown away by the quality, until I got the amp. That changed the game completely. It was very obvious on the difference in the speakers at that point.

    With that said, it did not sound bad without an amplifier, and I'm sure it could still sound better than it does now, however for $125 and an amp that does not require a special wiring kit, it was some of the best money I spent on my system. Different speakers will make a huge difference, and an amp should make a noticeable difference above that as well.
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    Re: Question on upgrading speakers in Legacy B4 RSK

    get the speakers and a 5 chan amp that way when u wire in a sub u already got the amp lol
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