The Applied Model is a 7 character code found on every Subaru made since at least 1989. It is a universal code across all markets that describes all of the important aspects of a car. This listing is specific for the Legacy/Outback platform, as there are some differences between platforms.

This code is found on the cars Model Plate. This plate is located on the Left side front strut pillar on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Legacies. On newer cars, it is a plate or label found on the right side front door or the jam for the same door.

This is a sample of the Model Plate from my 2004 USDM Outback H6 Sedan.

The code for my car in the above example is BEEEY8E. Each character has a specific meaning which is broken down below in character position.


1 - Platform
2 - Generation and Chassis type
3 - Powertrain type
4 - Model Year/"Type"
5 - Destination/Chassis Type in Japan
6 - Grade/Trim/Model
7 - Drivetrain type
From this code we can determine the following information:
Platform - Legacy/Outback
Chassis - 3rd Generation Sedan
Powertrain - 3.0 litre AWD
Model Year - 2004
Destination - United States/Canada/Taiwan
Trim - Outback Sedan H6
Drivetrain - DOHC Naturally Aspirated 4EAT

1:   Platform      A - Leone, Loyale
                   B - Legacy  (including Outback and Baja)
                   C - SVX
                   G - Impreza  (including WRX and STI (up to 2014), XV/Crosstrek, and Outback Sport)
                   F - Domingo
                   K - Justy, Rex, Vivio, Sambar (Before 1998)
                   N - Trezia
                   R - Pleo, R1, R2, Stella
                   S - Forester
                   T - Sambar (After 1998)
                   V - Levorg, WRX and STI (2015+)
                   W - Tribeca, Ascent
                   Y - Exiga
                   Z - BRZ

The 2nd position values here only apply to the Legacy/Outback platform.
2:   Chassis       C - 1st Generation Sedan
                   D - 2nd Generation Sedan
                   E - 3rd Generation Sedan
                   F - 1st Generation Wagon
                   G - 2nd Generation Wagon
                   H - 3rd Generation Wagon
                   J - 1st Generation Wagon (flat top)
                   K - 2nd Generation Wagon (flat top)
                   L - 4th Generation Sedan
                   M - 5th Generation Sedan
                   N - 6th Generation Sedan
                   P - 4th Generation Wagon
                   R - 5th Generation Wagon
                   S - 6th Generation Wagon
                   T - 3rd Generation Truck/7th Generation Wagon
                   W - 7th Generation Sedan
The 3rd position values here only apply to the Legacy/Outback platform.
3:   Powertrain    2 - 1.8L 2WD
                   3 - 1.8L AWD
                   4 - 2.0L 2WD
                   5 - 2.0L AWD
                   6 - 2.2L 2WD
                   7 - 2.2L AWD
                   9 - 2.5L AWD
                   A - 2.0L AWD Air Suspension / 2.4L AWD DIT
                   B - 2.2L AWD Air Suspension
                   C - 2.5L AWD Air Suspension
                   D - 2.0L AWD Diesel
                   E - 3.0L AWD
                   F - 3.6L AWD
                   G - 2.0L AWD DIT
                   H - 2.5L AWD DIT
                   J - 2.0L AWD FB20
                   M - 2.5L AWD FB25
                   S - 2.0L AWD STI
5:   Destination   4 - RHD 4 Door (Sedan) from FHI  - Used only in Japan Market
                   5 - RHD 5 Door (Wagon) from FHI  - Used only in Japan Market
                   K - RHD Global Market from FHI
                   L - LHD Global Market from FHI
                   Y - US/Canada/Taiwan from SIA
7:   Drivetrain    8 - 2.4L DIT CVT
                   9 - SOHC NA CVT
                   A - DOHC NA 5MT (1st and 2nd gen) / 6MT (5th gen)
                   C - DOHC NA CVT
                   D - DOHC Turbo 5MT
                   E - DOHC NA 4EAT AWD VDC
                   F - DOHC NA 5MT Dual Range
                   G - SOHC NA 5MT
                   H - DOHC Turbo 6MT
                   J - SOHC NA 5MT
                   K - SOHC NA 5MT Dual Range
                   P - DOHC Turbo 4EAT VDC
                   R - SOHC NA 4EAT VDC
                   S - DOHC NA 4EAT-Sportshift
                   T - DOHC Turbo 4EAT-Sportshift VDC / DI DOHC NA CVT (7th gen)
                   L - SOHC NA 4EAT-Sportshift
                   M - DOHC NA 5MT
                   N - DOHC NA 6MT
                   S - DOHC NA 4EAT-Sportshift
                   U - DOHC NA 5EAT-Sportshift
                   V - DOHC Turbo 5EAT-Sportshift
                   W - DOHC NA 5MT Dual Range
                   X - DOHC Turbo 6MT
                   Y - DOHC CDI 5MT