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Thread: Dead EJ20R-What are the build options?

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    Dead EJ20R-What are the build options?

    Ok... So smart ass Reuben Called it, I lost a bearing in the GT-B today. I have an extra EJ20R in the shop, but the history is not well known. I was told its god, but I'm not 100% positive it is.

    I have a slight knock above 3K. No metallics in the oil, so the heads and most everything is still good.

    I'm on a budget.... (LOL... I own a JDM Subaru in America and I'm on a budget... hahahahaha )

    I need to know what will be reliable, tunable, or cheap. What will interchange with keeping the twins yet keep from killing the bottom end.

    Should I just rebuild the EJ20R with better stuff or stuff a new motor in it and call it good?

    This is all for the GT-B, so I want to keep it at the power it had, yet maybe give it a little more if I'm gonna do all this damn work to it.

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    i have the 96 rs sti tuned model also badged as the rfrb fast run bold /it has the ej20r /the ej20r has shortened sleved pistons and has molybedium coating on the piston and cylinder allowing for higher temp running and less friction the shortened sleved pistons are to allow for extreme revving /ej20h etc have standard piston skirts and no coatings the rfrb also had a stage 2 sti manual gearbox and heaps of other parts a mod chip included which differs from standard rs gt types ,the ej20r is the race build engine

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    Some corrections for you sir
    There was no tuned by STi model for the BD/BG.
    RFRB was a body kit only, you could option certain elements when ordering these cars new.
    All EJ20R’s we’re mated to the standard V3/4 STi gearbox, the TY752VBCAA, there’s nothing special about it other than it’s farly short ratios and 4.444 final drive. No ‘stage-1’ this or that. But these are very good box’s, worth keeping around!

    While I’m at it. Regarding tuned by STi stuff. The first gen RS-R’s and RS-RA’s were ‘handcrafted tuning by STi’, with the RA getting a hand done port and polish from factory. then in 1993 they released an auto BF5 wagon which was the first ever actual STi. It had the 220ps RS-R motor (not the RA motor with port and polish though).

    STi moved away from the legacy after that, focusing obviously on the Imprez. There were STi catalogue parts you could buy for the BG though, such as springs, shocks, sway bars, alloy arms, braided hoses, brake pads etc. there was even a 240kph cluster! But no actual STi model. The next STi legacy after the BF5, was the S401, and STi - style Third gen’s.

    Regarding RFRB, the parts I know of include
    Clear bump strips

    There may be some more. I’ve only ever seen once a car that had the whole RFRB kit, was something else! Was rough as guys though, time had not been kind on it. When it came into NZ, thy owner bought a custom plate for it, “RFRB”!

    There were aftermarket tuned BD’s and BG’s though, that you could get through Subaru, these were the tommy kaira cars. The often put out an extra 20hp on their models, and also had their own body kits too. But the cars that had mechanical modifications, and not just body kits were stamped with a production number. Only a few hundred were made.
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