Ok... So smart ass Reuben Called it, I lost a bearing in the GT-B today. I have an extra EJ20R in the shop, but the history is not well known. I was told its god, but I'm not 100% positive it is.

I have a slight knock above 3K. No metallics in the oil, so the heads and most everything is still good.

I'm on a budget.... (LOL... I own a JDM Subaru in America and I'm on a budget... hahahahaha )

I need to know what will be reliable, tunable, or cheap. What will interchange with keeping the twins yet keep from killing the bottom end.

Should I just rebuild the EJ20R with better stuff or stuff a new motor in it and call it good?

This is all for the GT-B, so I want to keep it at the power it had, yet maybe give it a little more if I'm gonna do all this damn work to it.