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    Petro's '06 2.5i Wagon

    Bought my first car in 2005, Bone stock 1997 2.5GT 5spd with 160,000km. clean and awesome

    Totalled it less than 5 months later after someone put there left turn signal on and turned right Damage was worse all the way down the side. and to top it off I had it back for less than a week after getting the DEALER to install new headgaskets

    Got an insurance payout and 8 months later of looking online for one everyday I Bought this even cleaner
    Bone stock 1999 2.5GT 5spd with 130,000km , this sweet find really made me feel better
    I had it long enough to do some mods

    Traded it in cause I had no real full time job for 4 of the 6 years I owned it and it needed practically EVERYTHING replaced. So very very sad to see it go
    (but the body and interior were both still 9/10)

    So I traded in for this. 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Wagon in Brilliant Silver Metallic-BSM
    (current pic)

    1 owner, 71,000km. Picked it up February 15 2012 . Current 112,500km May 4 2017

    2.5i Automatic Trans. <- kinda regret that but my ankle and knee appreciate it lol
    Stock everything and stayin that way
    This isn't a car to throw go fast mods at

    Kept crazy clean at all times
    Audio stock and terrible but livable for now
    Retractable trunk cover
    Got the rubber trunk mat and the 2 sets of rubber and carpets specific for this model
    Front Driver and Passenger Weather Tech Floor Mats
    LED bulbs in the puddle/dome/map lights
    All I need is my heated seats

    15% tint everywhere but windshield
    RA mud flaps
    Aftermarket mesh front grill
    Vent visor window covers
    EZ lip front lip
    EZ lip side skirts
    Plasti dipped mirror covers, door guards, diffuser, hatch bits
    De- Badged
    Roof rack crossbars that live off the car but could go on anytime
    JDM 08-09 Tail Lights

    Stock 17" rims with crappy all seasons for now
    second set of LGT 17" rims with winter tires
    Stock suspension but it looks low because 90% of BP's are outbacks and ride high

    Both front wheel bearings - 1spring 2012/1 summer 2013
    Headlight bulbs - Summer 2012
    Battery - Spring 2012
    Cabin air filter - Summer 2013
    Big job- Summer 2014
    - New HG's both sides
    - New valve cover Gaskets
    - New timing belt + tensioners and all components
    - New AC and Alternator belts
    - New spark plugs
    - New Battery Terminal Contacts(old ones were covered in corrosion from the old battery)
    - Re-sealed a rim with a slow leak were the rubber meets alloy
    - New OEM Subaru long life coolant + new oil

    Install the hella horns I bought
    Eventually replace the EZ lip with a real Bayson R front lip
    Continue doing 8-10k km's a year and keep this car for the next 10 years

    when I got it. totally stock

    Got some roof racks for $80

    De-badged the trunk

    Plasti-Dip'd the chrome bar

    Then plasti-Dip'd the grill

    Got RA flaps

    Then some AVS vent visors

    Plasti dip'd the mirror covers

    Got 15% tint, goodbye fishbowl

    Plasti Dip'd my Rear Diffuser area

    $20 EZ lip

    Plasti Dip'd my door guards- an old school look, I'm sure I'm the only BP rocking them

    I was going to plasti dip the whole car red, did a test panel to see the colour and liked it alot.
    But then I found out we needed a second car and it was gonna be a cheap one so I put the paint aside for the New ride. Our new Forester will be red this summer. I decided to rock the red hatch just for the hell of it

    Changed my cabin air filter

    Threw out a crazy $50 offer to someone selling their car on craigslist with this mesh grill and 2 months later they responded YES! best $50 spent on the car

    Bought this red overlay for $10 on ebay. wanted to red out the orange tail light section
    it works alright

    Just hit 90K KM recently, its a little over 91K now

    Current Stable at home

    Shot from this winter

    Much more to come, I love this car
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