Hey folks, I thought I ought to share my list of VIN's, useful for finding parts, and how to decode JDM applied models. I've collected these other the years and it's real handy when you say, need to find a single turbo breather pipe for ya single turbo conversion, but you have no JDM vin!

What's not so useful is the face that a lot of these vins are getting old now, and parts availability is evaporating at an alarming rate, so this list is becoming less and less useful. Ah well, what can ya do...

I've listed applied model numbers too, hopefully you'll be able to use applied model numbers to determin the true model of a car.

For Legacy's, lets take my Beast as an example

G=2nd Gen wagon, with touring roof, or "stepped roof"
5=2L 4WD
C=3rd chassis revision for the BG
5=5 door (wagon boot counted as a door)
ED=GTB Limited Manual

Now with more detail

Digit 1, B=Legacy (Yes, all outbacks are legacy's, fight me), G=Impreza, S=Forester
Digit 2, C=1st gen sedan, F=First gen wagon with touring roof, J=first gen wagon with flat roof. D=2nd gen sedan, G=2nd gen wagon with touring roof, K=second gen wagon with flat roof. E=3rd gen sedan, H=3rd gen wagon. L=4th gen sedan, P=4th gen wagon.
Digit 3, 2=1.8 FWD, 3=1.8 4WD, 4=2L FWD, 5=2L 4WD, 6=2.2 FWD, 7=2.2 4WD, 9=2.5L 4WD, E=3.0L 4WD.
Digit 4, Chassis revision. First get A/B are prefacelift, C/D are facelift. Second gen A is prefacelift, B/C facelift. Third gen A/B/C is pre facelift, D is facelift.
Digit 5, Doors. 4=4 door sedan, 5=5 door wagon.
Digits 6/7, Model code. I only know a few:

For turbos:
Digit 6, 9=GT, 8=RS, 7=RS-R, C=GTB, E=GTB LTD
Digit 7, P=Auto, D=Maunual
So if you had an Auto RS 2nd gen, it'd be 8P
If you had a manual GTB, it'd be CD
4R = 1st gen Ti
6F = 1st gen VZ-R, 2nd gen TS-R - In other words the DOHC 2L performance model
AE = 2nd gen 250T

Some tips for imprezas:


C=First gen sedan
8=2L AWD
E=Version 4, or 5th revision
4=4 door sedan

Now with more detail, specifically on the turbo GC/GF

Digit 1, G=Impreza
Digit 2 C=first gen sedan, F=first gen wagon, D=2nd gen sedan, G=Second gen wagon, E=3rd gen sedan, H=3rd gen wagon (hatch? 3rd gen gets confusing as fuck with differences for wide body and such)
Digit 3 8=2L AWD, this will be the same on all turbo GC/GF's
Digit 4 A=Version 0, B=Version 1, C=V2, D=V3, E=V4, F=V5, G=V6
Digit 5 4=4 door sedan, 2=2 door coupe, 5=5door wagon
Digit 6 and 7, 8D = WRX, 7D=WRX RA, ED=STi, DD=STi RA, there's a few other turbo ones though, many different grades of WRX, but I've forgotten. Digit 7 like the legacy's is P for auto, D for manual.

Additional notes:
The GC8 Coupe was a weird car, in that, they called all of them simply "Type R", but there were many different sub sub models. The reality is that the WRX RA, STi, and STi RA, were all available as a coupe, and all badged as just "Type R" at least for the STi's. So if yo have a type R, you can find out what model it is by looking at the last 2 digits of the applied model, as they are the same over 2-door and 4-door.

And lastly, a little list of vins I have compiled, very useful for ordering genuine parts, feel free to add to it as you find them!


BC5A = BC5A49P, BC5-017186
BC5B =
BC5C =
BC5D =
BF5A = BF5A49P, BF5-017897
BF5B =
BF5C =
BF5D =
BG5A = BG5A59D, BG5-019905
BG5B =

GTB Auto (EJ20H, EJ206)
BG5B = BG5B5CP, BG5-205651
BG5C =

GTB Manual (EJ20R, EJ208)
BG5B =
BG5C = BG5C5ED, BG5-277608 (GTB Limited)

BC5D = BC5D4DP, BC5-037625
BF5D =

BC5A =
BC5B =
BC5C = BC5C48D, BC5-032384
BC5D = BC5D48D, BC5-038004
BD5A =
BD5B =
BD5C =

RS Auto
BD5A = BD5A48P, BD5-005384
BD5B =
BD5C =

BC5A =
BC5B = BC5B47D, BC5-023046
BC5C =
BC5D =

BC5A =
BC5B =
BC5C =
BC5D =

BH Rev D
BH5D = BH5D5DD, BH5-245610 - MT: TY754VBBBA

Pre-facelift GTB 5spd manual
BP5 = BP5B5CD, BP5-055934
Pre-facelift 6sp
BPE = BPEB5PN, BPE-021533
Facelift GT, 5EAT
BP5 = BP5D5BV, BP5-120827
Facelift auto (Si-drive)
BPE = BPED5LU, BPE-030077


Standard WRX
V0 = GC8A48D, GC8-002523
V1 = GC8B48P, GC8-017070 (Auto)
V2 = GC8C48D, GC8-037957
V3 = GC8D48D, GC8-054135 *has moon roof*
V4 = GC8E48D, GC8-063528
V5 = GC8F48D, GC8-076688
V6 =
Note with V7 and onwards that there were many many turbo GD models. 20K's, WRX's, WRX's with 4-pots etc. Rotor size varies from 270mm to 294, 3 options on front pads etc.
V7A = GDAA4CD, GDA-002603 "NB" 270mm brakes
V10 = GGAF58D, GGA-013566 True JDM WRX, 5MT
V10 NZ new 2.5 = GDGFK8D, JF1GDGKD36G048672

V1 = GC8A47D, GC8-003564
V6 = GC8G47D, GC8-092174 **V-Limited**

WRX Type R
V4 = GC8E27D, GC8-066181 **V-Limited**



Standard STi
V2 = GC8C4ED, GC8-041298, GC8-038811
V3 = GC8D4ED, GC8-050092 - Wagon GF8D5ED, GF8-029226
V4 = GC8E4ED, GC8-067521 - Wagon GF8E5ED, GF8-040709
V5 = GC8F4ED, GC8-082183
V6 = GC8G4ED, GC8-091077
V7A = GDBA4EH, GDB-003408
V7B = GDBB4KH, GDB-012412 - Prodrive Style
"V8" = GDBC4EH, GDB-019974
"V9" = GDBE4EH, GDB-027793

V2 = GC8C4DD, GC8-039253
V3 = GC8D4DD, GC8-058177
V4 = GC8E4DD, GC8-067367 **V-Limited**
V5 = GC8F4DD, GC8-081350
V6 = GC8G4DD, GC8-093063

STi Type R
V3 = GC8D2DD, GC8-056382
V4 = GC8E2DD, GC8-068945
V5 = GC8F2DD, GC8-078055

STi RA Type R
V4 = GC8E2DD, GC8-065264
V6 = GC8G2FD, GC8-090333

****Special Edition****
V5 Tommy Kaira M20B = GC8F47D, GC8-082314 (Base model V5 WRX RA 555 Limited, No 0430/1000)(Serial TK1049)
S201 = GC8G4HD, GC8-095389
22B = GC8E2SD, GC8-071722