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Thread: DIY Kartboy Holy Shift Kit 96+ Legacy

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    DIY Kartboy Holy Shift Kit 96+ Legacy

    Here is a short and sweet DIY for a short shift install

    Reference for the linkage ... ?f=33&t=15

    If you want to purchase everything in a pretty package go to and get the "narrow" version, unless you have 02+ WRX shift linkage than get the wide version. ... arrow.html

    I would also recommend getting a "new" or newer pivot linkage because your old one is probably worn out and the bushings cannot be replaced on the OEM part. ... pdate.html

    2 12mm Wrenches
    12mm Socket
    Assortment of extensions
    Snap Ring Pliers
    Phillips Screwdriver
    Flathead Screwdriver
    Axel or Roll Pin Punch
    Jack and Jack stands
    Lets get started, here you start with a semi truck shifter

    Lift the arm rest and use a phillips and remove the two top screws

    Lift the parking brake bezel

    Lift he shift boot bezel and unscrew the shift knob

    Use two 12mm wrenches and disconnect the upper linkage

    Slide under the car and remove the exhaust heat shield, 6 12mm bolts and nuts

    Remove the the two 12mm bolts that hold the rear bushing

    Remove the bushing cap and centering spring

    Remove the snap ring with some snap ring pliers

    lift the old shifter out and remove the plastic basket

    Shift Kit, I used COBB front bushings since I had an extra set

    Place the basket on the kartboy shifter lever and put on the new pivot bushings as well

    Drop the lower linkage remove the old front and rear bushings

    To grease the bushings up I used white lithium

    I used a axel punch to remove the roll pin connecting the pivot linkage

    1/4inch of play in the old pivot linkage

    Place the lower linkage back in and using the new 12mm bolt re install the front and rear bushing. Make sure you the bushing plate and centering spring are re install.

    Place the Kartboy Shifter in the top and seat it into the lower linkage and re install the snap ring

    reinstall the exhaust shield and you are done on the bottom

    Install the upper linkage to the shifter

    Put the center consol back together and reinstall the shift knob and take her out!!!!

    Please make sure you check everything twice or you will end up on the side of the road


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    Re: DIY Kartboy Holy Shift Kit 96+ Legacy

    Yo great write up! Bookmarked for future reference.

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    Great write-up! I'm about to order short shifter for my 1996 Outback. Question, though, it looks like your linkage has an external return spring. The TiC Linkage that you linked to specifically says that it will only work for shifters that DO NOT have the external return spring. What gives?

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