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Thread: DIY 2nd Gen Auto to Manual Shifter

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    DIY 2nd Gen Auto to Manual Shifter

    This is my first DIY on here so please let me know if i you need help or cannot understand somethinng

    What you will need

    An aftermarket Auto or Manual gear knob ( This part is needed as the origonal subaru manual knob won't work)
    the plastic surround from a manual
    Phillips screw driver
    wire cutters (Only if you have aa power switch)
    about 15 minutes

    Start by removing the two screws under the center console

    Pull up with your finger in the hand break sleeve

    This bit of trim pops up and out out, put the gear selector in drive to help

    Remove the screws located on either side of the gear selector base and pull the selector up

    If you have the power button you will have to cut the wires, you can wire it up to another switch later but for now i'm leaving mine disconnected.

    Remove the four screws holding down the gear selector housing.

    This is what you'll be left with, the yellow button is pushed down to allow the selector to move

    Pop on your aftermarket knob and original boot from the manual and it should slip right on.

    It doesn't get screwed on or anything, mine just sits on top of the shaft, If you use the screws that they usually come with you won't be able to push it down to shift.
    To change out of park you should be able to push down on the knob and change like normal
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    Nice! Looks like a rhd postal wagon

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