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Thread: February 7-14 is CHD awareness week!

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    February 7-14 is CHD awareness week!

    February is National Heart Month and February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness week.

    I am the father of a now 3 year old boy born with Tertralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, a critical CHD.

    Here's my now three year old, heart hero :


    Congenital Heart Defects are the most common type of birth
    defect in the United States, affecting nearly 1% of―about 40,000―births per year
    (about 1 in 100 children born have some form of heart defect). Congenital
    heart defects are a leading cause of birth defect-associated infant illness and
    death, and critical CHD related deaths are more than twice that of all
    childhood cancers combined. Critical CHDs require surgical intervention
    within the first year of life for survival of the infant.

    In an effort to help raise awareness for CHDs, I'm joining the "heart on your sleeve" campaign!!!

    I'd like to invite any- and everyone to join me. We all know SOMEONE with
    some form of heart defect, whether it be a hole in the heart, Tertralogy
    of Fallot like my son, a murmur, Hypoplastic left heart, transposition
    of the great vessels.... there are quite a few really, some innocuous some life threatening if undiagnosed or untreated before or relatively quickly after birth.

    Here's what I'm doing and how you can help spread awareness! [:clap:]

    Wear a heart on your sleeve...pinned/sticker/whatever...for one week.

    Take a selfie on day one of you wearing your heart, and post it to social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram,
    etc). Explain why you're wearing the heart and invite people to join you to spread awareness and donate toward CHD research at Tag five people to follow your lead. [B)]

    Encourage family, friends, casual acquaintances, or hell, even your favorite celebrity to do it! Be sure to use the hashtags ‪#‎hearts4chd‬ and ‪#‎ihhearts‬ so that all the posts are easy to track and help them gain momentum!

    When you're out and about and people ask about the heart, just tell them about CHD's and direct them to for info about CHD awareness and even how to donate toward the cause.

    I think that starting today, the IHH website will have a link on their
    main page for info and a bid "donations" button so we can all help raise
    money toward CHD research. The website will fact cards that you can print to hand out if you're really down with advocacy. []

    Turns out, its hard to take a selfie of your shoulder [] when you're not used to taking selfies.. [:P] and wearing a huge fake smile!

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