I plugged a different TCU into my car* and getting a code number 95 from the 'handshake' that reads codes. I can't find a reference to this code on any FSM's I've looked at - they only go up to code # 93.

I'm only getting this one code.

Anyone got any ideas?

Anyone have access to the JDM FSM's?


* I have a 2002 WRX w/an Automatic. I want the POWER mode function avl. I've seen on overseas models. I bought the same year TCU from a WRX JDM. The 3 connectors are the same, but I get the flashing AT Temp light. I only had access to a EDM FSM which showed the POWER mode and there were only 2 other differences, so took a chance it would work. I have not driven the car only started it w/the TCU attached. Yes, I know there's probably other differences w/the JDM...was worth a shot to me.