So far I've acquired the following stuff below. I need to get my Turbo built yet, order a Cam Lamba, and a few sensors so I can build my sub-harness for the Link G4X ECU and some Misc items. I'm getting very close, gonna be wicked when its all done.

Outfront Forged EJ25 (stock case)
Chamber-matched T20 heads
BC stage 2 cams
ARP 625+ Studs
BC valve springs
Link G4X ECU
Link Wiring add ons (for Flex fuel, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, DBW and maybe E-Map)
Radium double pumper with x2 Walbro 450's
IAG fuel rails
Fuel labs FPR
Killer B Holy header
Killer B Oil pan
Killer B High flow water neck
Cobb 4 Bar map sensor
ID1300X2 injectors
FMIC kit
OEM Head gaskets
RCM cam gears exhaust
HKS Timing belt