Nobody should ever have to ask about factory BE/BH front bumpers ever again after reading this....

From the Factory manuals:

A/B/C type bumpers. (1) non-turbo (2) turbo (3) Lancaster

D type bumpers. (1) sedan (2) wagon (3) Lancaster

So what does this all mean? Let's take a look at some pictures. First, here are two A/B type RSKs. They both have the same bumper, but one has a lip:

Exact same bumper for the wagons. Here is a C type GT-B and an A/B type GT-B (same bumpers as above):

Both of those bumpers will fit North American models. But you may not need to spend large amounts of money for your precious "JDM" style. Keep reading...

Here are a couple of North American '03~'04 bumpers:

This is where it gets interesting. Here is a D type GT-B and GT30 from Japan:

The Japanese D type bumper is the same design as the North American '03~'04 bumper. Except that the D type bumper won't fit North American cars. Look at them side-by-side. Notice the difference in shape where the headlights/hood/grille/bumper all meet (you can compare the previous four also):

So if you want a Japanese D type bumper, but don't want to have to source the hood, grille, and lights for it not to have weird looking gaps, the US C/D type bumper ('03~'04) will fit and looks the same.

Next we have a couple of North American '00~'02 bumpers. These are completely unique. They aren't found over here (Japan) at all:

Now another unique one. This is the Japanese D type sedan bumper. It does not fit North American cars:

Just for the hell of it, here is a B type Lancaster (will fit North American cars) followed by the D type Lancaster. Not much change (a little blockier) other than to accommodate the new grille, headlights, hood, etc. (and therefore, will not fit North American cars):