Hey everyone,

I feel like I've searched every website and done multiple google searches and I haven't really found what I'm looking for.

I owned for quite a few years a 1970s oil drain container that was purchased at Sears originally. It was sturdy, leakproof and well designed with a large catch area and the plug towards the TOP of the container when it's stored vertically, rather than the bottom, as most contemporary containers are designed now. Unfortunately the plastic seams on the bottom started to leak oil and I had to chuck it. I've been using a cheap container that I absolutely hate since and am looking for a good long term replacement.

The closes product I've found like it is this: http://www.matrixracingproducts.com/...ain-container/

The problem with this one is that it only holds a gallon as it's designed for Motorcycles. In fact, most the motorcycle specific ones seem to be well designed as opposed to the automotive ones.

I do like the flo-tool like this one, but it's 6" tall when in drain mode, which doesn't leave much room for changing oil on some cars that I do:

I searched Matrix's website and found no other, larger oil pans. Anyone have any suggestions?