Well after two weeks of battling trying to figure out what was wrong with my 99 Gt wagon, the front diff decided it finally wanted to die. So while I was searching locally to source parts I found an ad for a 01 Outback H6 which was something I've wanted for while as I preferred the 3rd gen body and also always wanted either a H6 or turbo build. Since I already had a project car I decided that since the Subaru was going to be my daily that I would scrap the idea of building my 99 and sell all the turbo parts and any other performance parts to fund rebuilding my project car.

Well after getting there I fell in love within seconds, there was work needing to be done with it such as some rust issues, needing to replace the front bumper and driver fender, needing a crank pulley (bushing was shot). But this car was maintained well before being left parked outside for two years, it also had every factory option available (sadly the McIntosh stereo was replaced), only had 280000km (174000miles) and was only $500 (after convincing him from $1500),

I've already ordered a bunch of parts for maintenance and a oem crank pulley ($300!!) plus will be fixing/replacing any damaged parts once I get back from being gone for a few weeks for work. I will also add pictures of the car as she currently is once I get a chance!