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Thread: Air Intake Clips 2012 2.5

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    Air Intake Clips 2012 2.5

    I am new here and fairly new to Subaru, so I begin with a very small question. One of the clips on the air intake on my 2012 Legacy 2.5 Limited is missing --not on the air filter housing, but the part right up on top as shown in the pictures.Name:  aclip2.jpg
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    One of these plastic clips was still there but I could just lift it out easily, it wasn't really doing any real fastening. I know nothing's going to fall off and this may perhaps be one of the most trivial mechanical issues to be mentioned, but has anyone come up with a slicker, more durable method for attaching this part? A bolt would perhaps be too obvious and is vibration a factor?

    I'm really not too obsessive. Really.

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    Welcome! Your 2012 legacy seems like a fine rig.

    In my experience, If I need to secure a part but hesitate from hardware because of vibrations or whatnot I just use zip ties. They really are stronger than they appear and you can clip the tails off for a clean look.

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